Our commitment

Our experts take charge of the management, technical and financial administration, as well as the maintenance and improvement, of your condominium. With our strong skills in condominium management, we are committed to ensuring a quality service and efficient. We also are keen to maintain an excellent relationship with clients, throught personalized services and objectives to suite your condominium.

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#An advisor close to you

We take care of all aspects of condominium properties

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#A comprehensive expertise

We know the ins and outs of PPE

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#A personalised relationship

We guarantee you a dedicated contact person close to you.

Our experts are at your disposal and set goals tailored to all your needs

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The art of community harmony

The administration of properties under PPE requires specific knowledge and services. That is why that for several decades we have offered our expertise in the administration of condominium.

  • Technical, administrative, legal and account management of condominium.
  • Close collaboration with all entities managing the condominium
  • We guide you on the legal and regulatory provisions for general meetings.
  • We guarantee expert management of your running costs (electricity, heating, etc. ).
  • We apply and respect your decisions while advising on the best approach.

Services to condominium

The management of your condominium is at the heart of our business and we wish to accompany you as a specialist in all your endeavours. In order to maintain an excellent customer relationship, we set together the services and objectives specific to your PPE. Our structure allows us to exercise our responsibilities in optimal conditions. Each co-owner benefits from having access to specific services:

  • A dedicated management administrator (administrative, legal and technical management)
  • A dedicated PPE assistant
  • A dedicated PPE accountant

Our PPE service works closely with our different departments

Synergy between all of our services

Residential management services are for the owners of apartments or villas who wish to rent out their properties in the best possible conditions.

Our brokerage services offers you expertise, advice and personalised research, enhancement, a marketing strategy, a search for financing and sales.

The valuation of your property assets is entrusted to a team of specialists who take charge of the often delicate questions that arise during studies and transformation works. Our department groups together engineers, architects and technicians capable of taking care of major renovation work to be carried out, in order to meet the requirements of the new standards and legal regulations, including energy-efficieny renovations.

Our commitments to training, quality and environment


We train new apprentices to sustain our business and encourage continuous training and development of our employees.

#ISO 9001

We are committed to Quality Management and are very proud to offer our customers this certification as a mark of quality and rigour.

#Environmental Commitments

We conduct our business in a manner that is compliant with the requirements of sustainable development and we abide in particular by an energy policy that respects the environment.

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