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Through the knowledge we’ve acquired on the market and our valuation methods, we estimate the value of your property at its true worth, taking into account all its characteristics. You also benefit from our entire client portfolio in your search for a potential buyer. We facilitate as well the steps you need to take with your bank, the Land Registry and the notary. Eventually, we give you the opportunity to estimate the value of your property according to your specific criteria and this is completely free of charge.

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Comptoir Immobilier gives you the opportunity to estimate the value of your property according to specific valuation criteria free of charge. Our team of professional brokers, located in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Valais, is at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made solution of the highest quality.

Entrusting your property to Comptoir Immobilier is puting your trust in a passionate team to which client expectations and discretion are of the highest importance.

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During our first appointment, we estimate the value of your property and study the sales plans to best meet your expectations. The sales price is then carefully set by an expert, to allow you to sell your property by your desired time. From the first value estimation to the final signature on the deed, we guarantee a complete and professional service based on a deep knowledge of the local and national market. The value of your property is estimated by its location, condition, and typology, but also by the floor it is on, its view, orientation and sunlight.

If you want to sell your property, we will draw on our broad client portfolio and strong local and international real estate networks.

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