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    How to find an office space for rent in Switzerland?

    December 20, 2022

    When starting a business in Switzerland, finding a rental office that fits your teams can be a challenge. Switzerland is known for being a business-friendly country, but that means demand for office space for rent is high, and prices can be high.


    However, with a little research and planning, you can find the perfect workspace for your business. Follow these steps and you’ll soon be settled into the perfect office for your business.

    Defining your needs

    The first step in finding the perfect office for rent is to define your needs. There’s no doubt that the workspace you’re considering should match the size of your teamsand the monthly rent you’re able to afford. There is no point in going any further in your office rental process without having a very clear idea of your needs.

    Determine the essential features for your office

    Here are some essential features to consider when defining your office rental project:

    1. Space: how much workspace do you need and how many people will you be accommodating in your office
    2. Location: where do you want your office to be located? Near public transportation, a gym, an airport, downtown?
    3. Facilities: what basic amenities and comforts do you want in your office (internet, kitchen, bathroom, etc.)?
    4. Services: Do you need any particular services (cleaning included, reception, coworking, etc.)?

    Identify the ideal city for your office space

    Switzerland has many great cities to locate your offices, each with its own culture, lifestyle and business opportunities.

    If you’re not sure where to start, perhaps consider as a first step renting office space in Lausanne or Geneva.

    Geneva office space rentals

    Geneva is a strategic city to rent office space in Switzerland. It is the most international city in the country, thanks in part to its airport, and its center is home to workspaces at various price points.


    To give you an idea of the prices of an office for rent in the city of Geneva, here are a few examples taken from listings from Comptoir Immobilier:

    • 116 sqm officesin Acaciaswith conference room – Monthly rent: CHF 2,417 + CHF 135 of charges per month
    • Office space in the hypercenter of Geneva of 103 m² – Monthly rent: CHF 6,026 + CHF 275 of charges per month
    • 327 m² workspaceaux Eaux-Vives – Monthly rent: CHF 12,847 + CHF 400 charges per month
    • Office space of 3,860 sqm for rent in the heart of the Patio Plaza – Monthly rent: CHF 122,234 + CHF 16,084 of charges per month


    As you can see, there is a wide range of prices available for an office rental in Geneva. And you’ll see that the choice is just as dense in Lausanne.

    Office rentals in Lausanne

    Lausanne is another great city in Switzerland, and it offers many great options for office rentals. This city offers a unique combination of culture, gastronomy, sports and finance.


    To give you an idea of the prices of an office for rent in Lausanne, here again are a few examples of ads you might find on the Comptoir Immobilier website:

    • Office of 2 rooms and 47 sqmin the center of Lausanne – Monthly price: CHF 999 + CHF 51 of charges per month
    • Offices with cachet of 230 m² in the center of Lausanne – Monthly price: CHF 3,958 + CHF 300 of charges per month
    • 285 m² office spacewith conference room – Monthly price: CHF 5,700 + CHF 800 charges per month
    • Flexible 670 sqm office space, ideal for coworking – Monthly price: CHF 18,704 + CHF 3,133 in charges per month

    Looking for an office for rent in Switzerland

    There are 2 main methods to search for an office for rent in Switzerland:

    • advertising websites
    • and real estate agencies


    Although the internet is very convenient, a real estate agency specializing in office rentals can ultimately save you a lot of time. Your dedicated expert will suggest workspaces that are completely tailored to your project, and you’ll often have exclusive offers that are unavailable on traditional listing websites.

    In addition, a real estate agency always offers you very appreciable services so that you can move into your new offices in the best conditions. Do not hesitate to contact Comptoir Immobilier for your search for office space of all sizes for rent, our teams will be able to accompany you as closely as possible to your project.

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