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    The estimation of a house at the Swiss real estate market price

    December 16, 2022

    Are you considering investing in a home in the Swiss real estate market? Before making any major financial decision, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the facts. It is important to not only assess the condition and features of a particular property, but also to estimate what it might be worth today.


    Let’s look at the factors that influence the appraisal process and review the methods by which you can determine the valuation of a home in Switzerland.

    The different methods of real estate estimation

    When it comes to estimating a home in the Swiss real estate market, there are two commonly used methods:

    • The rough valuationonlineby free tools
    • Accurate appraisalby a real estate agency

    Evaluating a home price online

    The online appraisal provides a general price rangeresponding to the sale price of similar homes in the selected area. This method is free and does not take into account the unique characteristics of each home.


    Here are some examples of this method provided by the website RealAdvisor.

    The Swiss real estate market as a whole

    So with just a few clicks we can get general information about the price of a house in Switzerland.


    The average price per square meter of a house throughout the country is CHF 7,378. This average ranges from a low of CHF 2,989 to a high of CHF 12,600 per square meter. Nearly 80% of homes are for sale in the Swiss market between CHF 440,000 and CHF 3,061,000.

    The real estate market in the canton of Valais

    If your home search targets a particular canton, you can narrow down your analysis for a more accurate result.


    In this case, a quick search yields the following information about the canton of Valais: an average price per square meter of CHF 6,104 for a classic house, ranging from CHF 3,711 to CHF 9,638 per square meter. As for the 80% of the houses that are for sale in the canton of Valais, their price is estimated between CHF 390’000 and CHF 2’200’000.


    Of course, this method applies to every Swiss canton, such as the canton of Vaud or the canton of Geneva.

    The real estate market in a city like Geneva

    Online home estimation can go even further, thanks to analysis by city.


    To take the example of the city of Geneva, two minutes is enough to know that the average price per square meter of a house for sale here is CHF 14,576. The most affordable houses are negotiated from CHF 9’285/m², up to CHF 21’500/m² for the high average. Thus, nearly 80% of the houses in Geneva are between CHF 533,000 and CHF 9,400,000.


    Online real estate estimation finally allows you to fine your analysis on different neighborhoods of a city, if it is large enough. Geneva, for example, has 10 areas on which you can get local data.

    Assessing the price of a house through a real estate agency

    Assessing a home by a professional is more accurate than an online estimate. The real estate agency takes into account the exact location and condition of the property in question, as well as its potential to appreciate in value over time. The agency then provides you with a comprehensive report including an estimate of the current market price.


    Comptoir immobilier performs a free real estate appraisal of each home in its catalog. This service is useful to both buyers and sellers, as it allows them to know the real value of a property before starting any negotiations.

    Evaluation criteria for accurately estimating a home

    There are several characteristics that are taken into account when estimating a home by a real estate agency. Some examples include:

    • The locationof the home: The number one criteria for any investor.
    • The overall condition of the home : A home in good condition will often be more expensive than one in need of major repairs or renovations.
    • The number of rooms: The more rooms, the higher the price, generally. The number of bathrooms should also not be underestimated.
    • The land: The size of the land and its accessibility are elements that should not be overlooked when estimating a home.
    • Accommodationsnearby: If a property is located within minutes of amenities such as a shopping area, school or park, it will be more attractive to potential buyers.
    • The year of construction: The age of the property is also an important factor in determining its value. Modern construction, or conversely, centuries-old construction, are undeniable assets in differentiating a home in a real estate market.


    It is important to note that these criteria are only examples and that other data are also taken into account when estimating a house. Thus, it is recommended to seek the help of a real estate professionalto get an accurate estimate of a home’s value.

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