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    Interview with Juan Munoz

    Member of the CI Group's General Management and Director of the Vaud agencies and the Geneva management department

    Describe your experience and your role within the IC…

    After studying architecture, I had the opportunity to work on new and renovation projects, both in Geneva and in Vaud. It was in the early 90s that I switched to the world of management. In 2008, I decided to leave property management to perfect my professional experience in the field of large-scale project management and real estate expertise until summer 2019.


    I also hold a federal diploma as a property manager. I also have a diploma of property administrator and an MAS EPFL in real estate expertise. Having a global vision of the different professions of real estate management, my role consists in organizing and coordinating the necessary resources. This with the aim of providing an adapted service to each of my clients.




    How has the property management profession changed in recent years. How do you imagine the stewardship of tomorrow?


    The real estate industry has changed a lot, due to the economic situation, the development of technology and digitalization. This transformation is certainly a source of concern but also of opportunity. This digital revolution will have to be accompanied by a major change in culture. In order to respond to this evolution, access to information is essential for owners, tenants and various service providers. On-line access and dematerialization of documents are the keys to tomorrow’s management.

    We propose for this conference to

    To this end, we propose at Comptoir Immobilier a dedicated secure platform “”. To benefit from the opportunities that arise in the changing management, it will be necessary to have more specialized and appropriate skills. The property manager must be familiar with these new technologies, change the way he communicates and add the role of advisor to his “classic” duties. He must be able to give advice on the evolution of legislation, market trends and future forecasts. Always keeping in mind the most important part of his job: the human factor. The human factor, besides being indispensable, is perhaps the most complex part of the profession. We have to manage to maintain a position of balance at all times.




    Tell us about Operation CI Neighbors. How has it been received in the context of the covid-19 pandemic?

    CI Neighbors


    This operation is the result of a reflection by the General Management, coordinated by myself and carried out by our sister company CI Facility Management, with a view to protecting both owners and tenants.

    For the record, this operation provided for the posting of an information and solidarity kit between neighbours in the entrances to buildings managed by the CI group and located in urban areas and a disinfection kit with a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser to limit the spread of the virus while reinforcing the disinfection of common areas.

    Operation CI Neighbors in pictures

    We have had very positive feedback from both the owners who joined the operation and the tenants, with messages of thanks for this citizen approach. Facilities continue to be supplied and building maintenance staff can order refills of hydroalcoholic gel.


    Article to be found in the CI MAG n°11

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