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    Interview Marie-Claude Lévy

    Head of PPE Vaud - Member of the Management Board

    Tell us about your career path within the CI Group?

    I have been in charge of the CI Copropriétés Vaud department for the past fifteen years, which is made up of 7 employees. I chose to specialize in PEP administration. Indeed, this field requires working in the interests of often very different owners while pursuing common goals, which sometimes requires diplomacy and conciliation skills.


    How is the CI Copropriétés Vaud team structured?

    All the staff in the PPE department have specific training in the real estate field. The members of the Vaud team work from our branches in Lausanne, Nyon and Montreux. In addition, I am personally familiar with the history of each of the condominiums in our portfolio. In terms of organisation, each PPE is allocated a team of 3 employees. This team is dedicated and consists of an administrator, an assistant and an accountant. It is undeniable that the stability of our teams allows us to create a relationship of trust and a collaboration based on the long term.


    How many PPE do you manage in the canton of Vaud?

    We manage more than 90 condominiums with between 3 and 90 co-owners, located throughout the canton of Vaud. Their typologies and characteristics are very variable. We handle both mixed condominiums (commercial premises and apartments), as well as new condominiums requiring work to get them up and running and to monitor guarantees. Our team also manages condominiums listed in the inventory of historical monuments with their specificities. The team also masters the administration of complex PPE, consisting of several buildings and the plots that depend on them.


    What are the main roles taken on by the teams in condominium management?

    The tasks are varied and revolve around the holding of General Meetings during which decisions for the future of the co-ownership are taken. It is essential that these annual meetings are very well prepared. For this, the teams are proactive and anticipate. They formulate proposals and submit estimates that will facilitate the votes. Their daily tasks are numerous. Among them, the follow-up of decisions and their coordination with service providers, compliance with the administration regulations, management of technical and neighborhood problems, taking into account new legal standards… In short, all the administrative and technical support as well as the accounting of the PPE.



    Are PPEs concerned by building renovation works in favour of the environment? What is the role of CI Condominiums?

    Of course, we have to keep abreast of legislative developments because we take on an important advisory role. We strive to anticipate needs so that the PPE can evolve in line with the legal framework and technological innovations (insulation, renewable energy, photovoltaics etc.). This while taking advantage of the financial aid and subsidies that can be requested. The CI Copropriétés team is keen to make our co-owners aware of the need to maintain the value of their assets through relevant investments.


    Does the CI Copropriétés Vaud service manage a co-ownership with particular characteristics?

    We have in fact been managing the PPE “Le National” in Montreux for 11 years. This prestigious condominium has the particularity of being made up of a strong majority of foreign co-owners, living outside Switzerland. When the properties are not occupied by their owners, they can be rented out on a short term basis, in order to generate rental income to reduce expenses. These seasonal rentals are managed by a dedicated team of employees from the hotel industry, and installed on site within the listed building. This is the CIEFM (CI Exclusive Facility Management). This service offers specific services to tenants as well as to co-owners, which range from cleaning to the provision of multiple services on demand.



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