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    Interview with Géraud CORNILLON

    CEO and founder of the Terrésens group

    A few words about the Terrésens&#8230 group;

    Terrésens is a group from Lyon, France, founded in 2008 and specializing in leisure real estate. We are the originators of the “residential tourism condominium (CRT)” concept. This is actually a luxury tourist second home with services that an owner enjoys on an ad hoc basis and can profit from in parallel through rental management.

    First developed in the French Alps, the concept has met with great success. We now have around ten residences in operation and another ten or so under construction – with a rate of three residences delivered per year from 2021. Located either in the mountains – our core business – or by the sea, each residence has about a hundred units. To date, 2’000 families have already trusted us with their project.

    With its internal and complementary departments (development, promotion, marketing, rental management), our Group is involved in all stages of the life of a residence, in a cross-functional manner, from design to operation through marketing, which gives it a 360° vision.




    What are the special features of your service residences? What does the Daddy Pool concept at Terresens consist of?


    Under the general term “service residences”, in other words, CRT, we have developed 2 types of products. The first is the ancestral product that everyone knows: the tourist second home. It is more like a family property for owners who wish to enjoy it fully without renting it out. From this point of view, it is aimed more at families with children whose owners are between 40 and 50 years old. The notion of patrimony and generation is very important, especially in this period of pandemic. We are indeed noticing an increase in the appetite for this type of property, which are refuges for families. Owners have access to all services all year round. Therefore, it is not a product exclusively dedicated to investment.

    The second type of product is somewhat different, it is the Daddy Pool. It is a pure investment product: a profitability is assured for investors willing to invest in this type of property, in block or semi-block, this governed by a commercial lease. The Daddy Pool concept is halfway between the hotel business and the revisited youth hostels, in a “new generation Hostel” way.


    Hameau de la Couronne


    This is a set of accommodation oriented towards a clientele of sporty, freerider-type thirty-somethings who appreciate “living together”, exchanging and sharing in areas dedicated to them (playroom, tapas bar, etc…). Dormitories for up to 12 people can even be offered for ski weekends with friends. Modularity is a key criterion in the Daddy Pool concept. A Daddy Pool apartment is a three-room apartment, called a split-level apartment, distributed by three landing doors, with the first one opening onto a landing with two other landings. One of them opens onto a 2-room apartment composed of a living room, kitchen, shower room, bedroom, terrace – the other allows access to a studio (hotel suite type, with bedroom, coffee / microwave corner, shower room, terrace).

    Many advantages: it is therefore possible to group or separate the two modules according to the needs of a family or a couple and according to the seasons. In this way, we multiply the targets and the tourist units. We also optimise our sources of occupancy and can rent a split T3 to two different tenants because of its modularity. The profitability is thus at the rendez-vous. We have already developed this concept in four residences in France and it has been very successful. It’s our trademark.


    What motivated your group to develop its offer in Switzerland, in Grimentz?

    “Experience Grimentz: the sleeping beauty”


    This is indeed our first operation in Switzerland. We offer a somewhat atypical concept and we wanted a resort with its own identity and strong character. As the laws and regulations can be a major hindrance to foreign developers, we were looking for a renowned group, historically established on Swiss soil and with proven project development skills to accompany us. Comptoir Immobilier was a natural choice, as we already had a project under development in a location that we had already identified: Grimentz. The resort corresponded in every way to what we were looking for in terms of positioning. We were looking for a more intimate experience, off the beaten track. The authenticity of the village, the surrounding unspoilt nature, the fact that the resort is frequented by a young and sporty clientele that I would describe as “bobo chic”, the whole generational mix, represent what we came to find. And finally, the Hameau de la Couronne project itself…


    What are the assets of Le Hameau de la Couronne?

    Our 2 products (CRT and Daddy Pool) mentioned above will be offered within the Hameau de la Couronne project in Grimentz. This is first and foremost a project located in the heart of this charming resort. The apartments will be equipped and decorated with noble materials and sober colours to create a cosy atmosphere. Particular attention will be paid to the common areas to satisfy the whole family (tapas bar, baby club, kids club and teen club with free access, swimming pool, SPA, beauty and wellness area, coworking area, etc.). The concierge service is available to users for any request or for the organisation of group or private activities. The Daddy Pool apartments and the CRTs will be located in dedicated buildings, thus allowing the various types of clients to evolve while respecting their lifestyle. However, the Daddy Pool common areas will be accessible to all and will bring together common rooms and activities, encouraging exchanges. The mix is part of the magic of the holidays, the publics mix and share a holiday time together.


    The Hameau de la Couronne is part of a larger complex, named the Hameau des Bains composed of, among other things, a spa center, a hotel, a parking lot… What do you expect from the rest of the program piloted by Comptoir Immobilier?

    We are delighted with the deployment of the program the Hameau des Bains around our project and are certain that the whole will be a “whole” that will bring value to our respective projects, especially in synergies and user flows. I know how much the Comptoir Immobilier is attached to the respect of the environment and the preservation of the authenticity of the village. The projects developed in this complex are in total adequacy. As for the Hameau des Bains, it will bring a wider dimension and an undeniable value to the site, thanks in particular to the thermoludic centre which will be developed there. The Hameau de la Couronne is among the first developments in the resort. The articulated prices are therefore very competitive, below the market price of Grimentz. The developments that will be built around the Hameau des Bains will increase the average price per square metre in the area. Investors will quickly see their interest.


    Key figures

    • 7’000 m2 of GFA on 4’800 m2 of land
    • 13 T3 (3 room) apartments that can be split, i.e. 26 units in the H1 building dedicated to the Daddy Pool
    • 51 units for rent (CRT) from 2 to 5 rooms in buildings H2 to H7 (Hotels and Residences brand)


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