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    The future of shopping centres




    Frédéric VANDENBERGHE –
    Commercial real estate specialist at comptoir immobilier



    The Comptoir Immobilier manages two shopping centres in French-speaking Switzerland:

    As part of the major projects currently under development and piloted by the CI CONSEILS department, shopping centres are also planned, no-less in Valais with the Cour de Gare project in Sion (Valais).

    The challenges of shopping centres

    The job of the shopping center manager consists of proposing to the owner principal an optimal marketing strategy by ensuring the mix of businesses present in the center by ensuring consistency between them. It is also crucial to understand the business model of the various stakeholders and to build a viable long-term relationship.The management of entertainment in the centres and that of the retailer associations complement each other by ensuring the homogeneity and promotion of the centre as such. The objective today is not to “rent to rent”, but to evaluate the rent to turnover ratio that the tenant will be able to support.

    Making the right strategic choices

    Choose the ideal retail mix based on the mall’s geographic location, natural footfall, customer loyalty and buying power, among other factors. To make the optimal decisions, it is essential to identify certain criteria. To do this, Comptoir Immobilier assists its principals by proposing efficient tools with a counting system in the centres in order to target the clientele for each of them. This makes it possible to understand who comes, at what time, how much time is granted and which circuit is carried out.

    Reinventing yourself

    Nearly 200 shopping centres are present in Switzerland and offer identical retail mixes. Their future is currently being questioned as the momentum is running out. Today, the real issue in the commercial real estate sector is building value as the infrastructures are mostly aging. At the same time, the non-food sector is suffering from the rise of online commerce and shopping tourism. It is therefore necessary to reinvent the business and breathe new life into shopping centres. The “organic” trends, hard discounting, click&collect and home delivery are themselves emerging. Staging and access to the product are becoming essential to survive this wave. Le Comptoir Immobilier is taking up this challenge by very regularly following the trends and developments in the sector in order to constantly innovate to keep its centers as attractive as possible.

    World first

    The world’s first “virtual” Decathlon store will open on December 1, 2018 in Les Cygnes shopping center. On an urban concept, the store will have at its disposal only 400 m2 of surface with a seasonal selection of products and the rest virtually available thanks to augmented reality technology. An experience not to be missed!

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