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    A few months before the release of the...

    The year 2020 will undoubtedly remain a special year in which many of our habits have been changed. Nevertheless, resilience and determination have allowed us to adapt to a new way of living everyday. In spite of all these upheavals, the Belle-Terre district has continued its transformation. The work is now entering the home stretch before the first residents, schoolchildren and more generally visitors curious to make this new district their own.

    The work is now underway.


    #1 Highlighting the lung of Belle-Terre

    The planting of the first trees and shrubs in Belle-Terre took place on November 25. This is an important step in the development of public spaces. Selected by a committee of professionals, the trees come from nurseries in the region in order to promote the climatic proximity of the soil and limit transport.




    The trees chosen for the public spaces are all hardwoods. Divided into 23 species, the vast majority of them come from native species, selected for their diversity of colour, flowering or fragrance, but also their adaptation to the characteristics of the soil or their ability to provide a favourable environment for wildlife. In addition to this diversity of species, there is also a diversity of shapes and sizes, in order to encourage biodiversity within the new district. As the tree planting season is relatively short (from leaf fall to regrowth, i.e. approximately from mid-November to the beginning of April), everything was prepared in advance to allow for greater efficiency when the planting work could begin. The trees were ordered from the nursery by planting zone, as the work progressed, to allow for a rate of approximately one delivery per week. Depending on the weather conditions, most of the planting will have been completed for the opening of the district in the summer of 2021. Some perimeters, however, will need to be finalized during the fall/winter of 2021-2022.




    #2 A neighborhood that is attracting interest beyond the commune of Thônex

    From the first thoughts about the project to the first digging on the building site have passed more than 40 years! A time that will have allowed the project to mature and enable it to meet various challenges, both in terms of mobility, energy or even integration with the natural environment that surrounds it. Today, both by its quality architecture and its strong environmental approach, the Belle-Terre district is a model and arouses much curiosity. Numerous professionals, government departments and offices, as well as neighbouring Swiss and French municipalities, have expressed their interest in seeing it in action. This is why visits will take place during the spring of this year, subject to sanitary measures.





    #3 Café Chantier #2, Belle-Terre full size

    There were many of you, more than 700 visitors – local residents and future users – to survey the construction site and discover the first stage of the project during the last “Construction Site Café” which took place on September 19, 2020. Initiated for the second time by the Commune of Thônex, the event provided an opportunity to exchange with the local residents and to inform the visitors about the different aspects of the project (urban parts, public spaces, school group). The teams in charge of renting the housing were present to inform future residents and users about the typologies and the modalities of pre-booking the apartments.




    #4 Construction News & Progress


    #5 Belle-Terre neighborhood comes to life in late summer 2021

    Early next Monday, August 30, the first schoolchildren will take the path to the new Belle-Terre School. Some will get there on foot using the tree-lined central path or the paths dedicated to soft mobility through the country courtyards, while others will use public transport thanks to the TPG network that will serve the district from the start of the school year. The arrival of the residents, as well as the implementation of the public transport offer, will take place gradually from September until the end of 2021.

    The project will be implemented in the next few years.




    #6 Housing is available for rent

    Registrations for the units will open during the spring of 2021. Those who have expressed an interest by pre-registering at

    or at the construction café will be contacted in advance to allow them to finalize their registration.Not yet pre-registered? It’s not too late to do so:

    Accommodation requirements are available on the same website.




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