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    Project Cour de Gare in Sion

    The building permit is in force!


    08 June 2020


    Project Cour de Gare in Sion: the building permit is in force!

    After signing the contracts for the acquisition of the land and proceeding with the transfer of ownership at the end of September 2017 with the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation, the Cour de Gare project located in the heart of the Valais Capital and in the direct vicinity of Sion railway station has reached a new decisive stage. Its building permit has been in force since 20 May. The project will come to life by the end of this year after more than thirty years of steps.


    This multifunctional complex, ideally located at the heart of the public transport network, combines all the advantages of centrality and proximity.

    The project was made possible thanks to the combined efforts of the three owners of the plots: the Cour de Gare Sion SA company, the City of Sion and CFF Immobilier. Mandated by the latter, Comptoir Immobilier and its CI Conseils department is piloting the development and realisation of the project; CI Commercial is responsible for its marketing. Finally, it is the Bonnard & Woeffray office in Monthey – appointed after a parallel study mandate – that is in charge of the architectural design for the Mayennets building as well as the public spaces and the group of architects (Bureau Meier & Associés SA in Geneva, Archidée SA in Sion, Cagna+Wenger SA in Sion, Pascal Varone in Sion) for the architectural design of the other six buildings.



    At the heart of one of the largest ski areas in Europe, the town – which has nearly 34’000 inhabitants – is the capital of a dynamic canton with a diversified economy.

    Cour de Gare in Sion is located north of the railway tracks, directly on the station square. Its exceptional location – with direct access to the train, the bus network (urban and regional) and the cable car – makes it a major project in the development of the city of Sion. The site intends to play the role of a link between the current city and the city of tomorrow, which will develop south of the SBB tracks. The underground passage planned from the Cour de Gare district will create this direct link with the future developments (HES-EPFL campus) south of the SBB tracks.


    The complex is spread over a plot of more than 16’000 m2 and includes seven buildings. With its 5’400 m2 of commercial space, Cour de Gare will offer users all the desired services: quality brands, local shops, boutiques, etc. In addition, and in order to respond to the demographic growth of the city of Sion, the new district will offer some 300 apartments for rent; their typology takes into account current trends in housing and family structures. Within Cour de Gare, future residents will be able to take advantage of shops and leisure and health facilities. They will also benefit from a rich cultural offer, thanks to the construction of a 600-seat concert and congress hall on site.


    Cour de Gare will also host companies (administrative areas of 12’000 m²), which will have chosen the site for its central location and accessibility. Distributed in modular spaces, the proposed surfaces will be fitted out as the tenant wishes. A hotel will offer about 100 rooms to visitors from all over the region. Finally, although soft mobility will be favoured in the district, an underground car park will house 625 spaces for motorised vehicles.


    The Cour de Gare buildings and facilities are built to High Energy Performance (HPE) standards and meet the Minergie label (Minergie P energy efficiency), thus offering the guarantee of efficient energy use.


    Construction is scheduled to start no later than the end of November 2020 and overall delivery of the district is planned for spring 2024.


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