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    Cour de Gare – Sion real estate project

    November 15, 2013

    Cour de Gare in Sion, a large-scale project led by Comptoir Immobilier


    History and situation

    The Cour de Gare site in Sion was initially occupied by activities related to the storage, processing and redistribution of goods, more particularly in the context of agricultural, wine and dairy production.

    It is located north of the tracks and directly on the Place de la Gare. It benefits from an exceptional location which makes it a major site in the development of the City of Sion. It will play the role of a link between the City of the 20th century (Place du Midi, old town) and the City of the 21st century, which will be located south of the tracks. The planned footbridge project from the Cour de Gare site to the south will create this direct link with future developments in the south (Ecole Polytechnique, housing project, …).

    Who are the stakeholders of the project?

    There are many players in this ambitious project. Thus, Cour de Gare in Sion is owned by Cour de Gare – Sion SA, SBB Immobilier as well as the City of Sion. The COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER is piloting the entire project and ensuring the smooth running of the development process. The COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER is coordinating the work phases with the City of Sion’s departments and the various owners, according to a schedule that will allow the first building permits to be submitted in 2014. The architectural firm chosen for this program is the winner of the competition organized for this project; the Bonnard & Woeffray office, from Monthey.

    What is the project and what will it change for the city?

    The Cour de Gare site is the creation of a new piece of the city of Sion. The project foresees several buildings that will rise in parallel to the rails of the SBB tracks. Housing, offices, a hotel, shops and a shopping centre will link the city of the 20th and the city of the 21st century. A convivial and airy space will be established by a central square. It will be linked to the station esplanade by two streets that will encourage traffic flows between these two milestones of the station centre perimeter. This development of course invites the use of public transport although a parking lot with 900 spaces will be available.

    Key dates

    • The approval of the partial modification of the Zone Plan is scheduled for late 2013 / early 2014 and must comply with the building regulations (RCCZ) in force.
    • The filing of the Neighborhood Plan is planned, it, for early 2014; it will set the urban image of the neighborhood with the areas of implementation of future buildings, all information concerning the allocations, parking spaces, accesses, links … This will allow an approval of the Neighborhood Plan for the summer of the same year.
    • The building permits, meanwhile, will be filed from the summer of 2014, either in one go or in several stages.
    • The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2016.

    In a few figures, the Cour de Gare project is:

    • 12,850 m2 of retail and leisure
    • 2,200 m2 of food superstore
    • 27’350 m2 of housing which corresponds to 250 new properties
    • 9’900 m2 of offices
    • 7’000 m2 of 3* hotel
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