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    Lombard Odier – Champ-du-Château

    April 25, 2017

    After twelve years of development and marketing of the Champ du Château site in Bellevue, Comptoir Immobilier is pleased to announce the future installation of the Lombard Odier Group, on a plot of approximately 27’400 m2. The building will be executed by Comptoir Immobilier partners Construction Perret and architects Favre & Guth.

    Lombard Odier’s acquisition of the land with a view to regrouping its world headquarters and all of its activities currently spread over several sites on a single site is the culmination of constructive discussions with Comptoir Immobilier in order to develop a quality project.

    This acquisition also demonstrates that the market for commercial properties is not suffering from a shortage of space for companies looking for large surfaces that allow a complete regrouping of their activities. With this achievement, Comptoir Immobilier demonstrates its ability to offer this type of support to its clients over the long term.

    The Champ-du-Château perimeter offers multiple advantages, which are highly coveted: a quiet location, an unobstructed view of the lake and optimal accessibility, as it is located at the entrance to Geneva, 5 minutes from the airport, in the immediate vicinity of the motorway slip road and the future CEVA-Léman Express “Les Tuileries” station on site.

    The first planning studies for the entire site began in 2008. In 2013 the land was downgraded to buildable. The project was modified several times between 2009 and 2016 and has gradually evolved. Its final version makes it possible to offer, alongside the commercial areas, 260 new housing units, local shops and public facilities that will be developed by Comptoir Immobilier and its partners by 2022.

    Compoir Immobilier is pleased with the excellent relations maintained throughout the project with the Lombard Odier Group as well as with the municipal and cantonal authorities.

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