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    Apartment in Nyon

    Appartement à Nyon
    November 16, 2022

    Nyon and its district are nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva. You can find many apartments here, and there is something for everyone, at many different prices. If you’re thinking of moving into an apartment in Nyon, here’s some information that might be helpful.

    Apartments in the city of Nyon

    Nyon is a city located in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Nyon has a population of about 18,000 and is a popular tourist destination. The city is known for its medieval castle, which overlooks the lake, and its picturesque old town.

    The real estate market in Nyon is quite strong, and apartments in the city tend to be relatively expensive. Here are the average prices found:

    • 2-room apartment with one bedroom: CHF 735,000
    • 3-room apartment including 2 bedrooms: CHF 1’095’000
    • 4-room apartment including 3 bedrooms: CHF 1’765’000

    These prices are average for the entire city of Nyon, but some spacious apartments, especially with lake views, duplexes or attics, can reach CHF 2,850,000 or even more. However, there are still some good deals to be found, especially if you are willing to live outside the city center.

    If you are considering buying or renting an apartment in Nyon, then it is important to consult with a real estate agent to ensure that you find the property that best suits your needs, consider Comptoir Immobilier.

    Apartments in the Nyon district

    The Nyon district is a prestigious address in the Lake Geneva region. It is known for its view of the lake, its proximity to the canton of Geneva and its many typical Swiss villages. The Nyon district also has a very active real estate market, with apartments in high demand.

    The price of an apartment will mostly depend precisely on the city you choose. Indeed, living in the center of Nyon or in Glandcan make the price of a 4-room apartment go from CHF 1,765,000 to CHF 1,180,000, which is a really notable difference.

    So here are some cities in the Nyon districtthat might be of interest to you in your apartment search.

    Gland, less than 10 kilometers from Nyon

    Gland is a charming town of more than 13,000 inhabitants, known for its proximity to the lakeand the welcome it offers to several international organizations related to the environment such as WWF.

    An apartment in Acorn will cost you on average:

    • CHF 738,500 for a 2 room, one bedroom apartment
    • CHF 887’500 for a 3 room, 2 bedroom apartment
    • CHF 1,180,000 for a 4 room, 3 bedroom apartment
    • CHF 1’440’000 for a 5 room, 4 bedroom apartment

    Prangins, a village bordering Nyon

    Prangins is a pretty Swiss village of about 4,000 inhabitants located between Nyon and Gland. Prangins is known for its castle, its airfield, its medieval old town and its traditional Swiss houses.

    Here are the average prices found for an apartment in Prangins for 2 typologies:

    • CHF 975,000 for a 3 room, 2 bedroom apartment
    • CHF 1,489,000 for a 4 room, 3 bedroom apartment

    Of course, as with all the price averages presented here, location alone does not accurately determine the price of an apartment. There are other criteria in consideration, including:

    • the living area of the apartment
    • the surface area of the rooms (entrance hall, bedrooms, living room…)
    • the view (on the lake, the village…)
    • the floor in the building
    • the type of apartment (through, duplex, penthouse…)
    • the neighborhood
    • the kitchen (equipped or furnished)
    • the standing of the building or residence
    • the presence of a balcony or terrace
    • the proximity to shopping and other amenities
    • parking
    • the orientation of the apartment

    Eysins, on the other side of Nyon from the lake

    Eysins is another village bordering Nyon, on the opposite side of the lake. Eysins has about 1,750 inhabitants and has a very attractive real estate offer for apartments.

    The average prices of apartments in Eysins are as follows:

    • CHF 620,000 for a 2 room, one bedroom apartment
    • CHF 1’155’000 for a 3 room, 2 bedroom apartment
    • CHF 1’665’000 for a 4 room, 3 bedroom apartment


    As you can see, living in an apartment within the district of Nyon, or in the city of Nyon, is quite an affordable operation with respect to the real estate market around Lake Geneva. Apartment prices are higher in the city than in the village, but they remain relatively attractive.

    Do not hesitate to consult Comptoir immobilier to help you find your future apartment in Nyon or its district.

    FAQ – Apartment in Nyon

    What are the most sought after cities in the Nyon district?

    The communes of Nyon, Gland, Prangins, Eysins, Crans and Begnins are among the most sought-after places to live in an apartment within the Nyon district.

    What are the specific features of an apartment that can raise its price?

    A high-value apartment, especially in the Nyon district, will generally have the specificities of large rooms, a view of the lake, a nice living area, a fully equipped kitchen and a terrace. Ideally, it will be crossing, in attic and in a luxury building near the center of the village and its amenities in a lively neighborhood.

    What is the price per square meter of an apartment in the city of Nyon?

    In the city of Nyon, the price of an apartment is on average CHF 12,700/m². The low range is CHF 7’960/m² and the high range is CHF 20’000. 80% of the apartments in the city of Nyon are thus between CHF 699’500 and CHF 2’600’000.

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