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    The "International Day of Forests

    March 21, 2021

    What’s it?

    In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 21 as “International Forest Day”. This day is an opportunity to celebrate forests in their diversity and to raise awareness of the importance of their economic, social and climate change role.


    Forests indeed cover about one third of the planet and play a fundamental role in global and national economies. Some 1.6 billion people, including more than 2,000 indigenous cultures, depend on them for their daily livelihoods and long-term survival.


    Restoration of forests

    In keeping with this year’s theme:“Forest Restoration: A Path to Recovery and Well-Being”, the Comptoir Immobilier Group has been a proud supporter of OneAction and Sadhana Forest which consists of creating food forests in particularly arid regions in India, Kenya and Haiti. A holistic approach that CI Group is pleased to be part of by having offered through OneAction a tree to be planted for every greeting card sent at the end of 2020.


    Thus, these forests enable communities to lift themselves out of extreme poverty, grow their own food and improve access to water. The model relies on mobile units that are deployed to the most remote villages to plant native, fruit-bearing and particularly drought-resistant trees as well as train local people in agroforestry techniques.


    Oxal tree forests

    The trees chosen for this project are also endowed with extraordinary qualities, allowing them to transform some of the carbon sequestered into limestone, which accelerates soil regeneration. They are oxalogenic trees. In addition to the benefits for local populations, it has been shown that the planting of native tree forests allows a return of local fauna and an increase in biodiversity.

    According to a recent study written by C. Frignoca, J. McCarthy, A. Rozin, L. Reitsma, a resurgence of bird species (over 75 different) and invertebrate species (over 50 different) was observed in the Sadhana Forest Reserve in Auroville (in the state of Tamil Nadu, India) as a result of reforestation activities. The forests thus created allow a resumption of the natural water and soil cycle with the regeneration of aquifers and a return of wildlife to its natural habitat.



    On this day, March 21, the OneAction and Sadhana Forest nursery opened in Kenya and the reforestation teams have been trained, the vehicles needed for the mobile units have been acquired, and the seedlings will be ready for the spring launch of the project.


    This initiative corroborates the Comptoir Immobilier Group’s desire to actively participate in steps in favour of the environment, including beyond the Swiss borders. Sustainable development being one of the CI Group’s four core values: Service, Ethics, Performance and Sustainable Development.

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