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    The control room and its ancillary services

    during the containment period

    How are real estate boards adapting to the Covid-19 health crisis? What are they doing to continue to serve their clients while following the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health? To ensure the protection of their tenants, agencies have implemented disinfection measures covering the common areas of buildings. Read these few lines to know the services provided by your agency during the coming weeks.

    Like other sectors, the coronavirus crisis is severely affecting real estate. However, the real estate boards have not given up. In the space of a few days, they have put in place a new organization. The agencies have closed their reception and developed a system of teleworking, to ensure the safety of both employees and customers. They thus remain in contact with their clients, owners, co-owners and tenants.

    Action plan for Comptoir Immobilier

    To ensure the continuity of its services, Comptoir Immobilier has developed a BCM (Business Continuity Management) action plan. This means that the teams work largely from home, with the possibility of connecting to the IT environment via secure remote access. Employees communicate with each other by e-mail, telephone and video conference. A small number of staff are on duty in the branches. In addition, regular administrative tasks such as mail processing, envelope stuffing, signatures, printing, etc. are carried out by dedicated staff on a rotating basis. While the head offices and agencies are closed to the public, the Comptoir Immobilier staff can still be reached by e-mail and telephone on their direct office line. In addition, inventories and visits are still allowed, in strict compliance with the measures put in place by the health authorities.

    Customer owners have access to their account via “”. It’s a secure and personalized platform that existed long before the pandemic. On computer, tablet or smartphone, each owner can have access to all the information concerning his or her property(ies). All official documents are available in real time. Tenants can send their requests concerning work – urgent only (electricity and refrigerator breakdowns, blocked pipes, etc.) – by e-mail or telephone. A manager and a technical officer deal with the requests as efficiently as possible. Other work is postponed. In this context of crisis, Comptoir Immobilier notes that the tenants are discerning. They only call on the management company for priority requests. It sends them a sincere message of thanks.

    Sustainability of activities

    The Comptoir Immobilier portal is also maintained, allowing Internet users the opportunity to take note of properties to buy or rent. Many actions can be done remotely: descriptive brochures, plans and photos are communicated by email. Of course, Comptoir Immobilier continues to accompany sellers in their search for a potential buyer. Finally, CI Conseils continues its activity by offering its skills in the management of real estate operations (expertise, real estate valuation, assistance to the project owner, etc.). The administrative and project preparation work continues, with the various partners involved.

    Fighting Covid-19

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, common areas of buildings could be a source of Covid-19 contamination. This is particularly the case for elements that can be touched by residents, delivery people or users: door handles, digicodes, lift buttons, handrails, mailboxes, etc. To ensure the hygiene of its real estate, Comptoir Immobilier has put in place specific measures. With the support of specialised companies, the caretakers clean and disinfect the sensitive areas of the buildings. They are also attentive to people at risk (elderly tenants, those living alone, those with disabilities, etc.). If necessary, they call on assistance services.

    In agreement with the company Servimmob SA, Comptoir Immobilier has equipped all its caretakers with professional disinfection equipment. The latter intervene every day in the building commons. In addition, instructions on how to use the equipment, as well as rules of behaviour in terms of personal hygiene have been provided.

    Faced with the current unprecedented health situation, Comptoir Immobilier is being creative and reinventing its mode of operation. It should be noted that the social distance advocated by the authorities is not necessarily synonymous with isolation. It is essential to keep in touch with your loved ones and the professionals who accompany you in your projects.


    Don’t hesitate to contact your management: they will do their best to meet your expectations as best as possible!



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