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    April 21, 2022

    The TF35 Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier foiler was back in its element in early April. The crew has been strengthened in view of this 2022 season for which ambitious objectives are posted.


    Reassembled at the end of March, after its wintering period in its container, the foil catamaran Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier was put back in the water at the beginning of April, for a first series of so-called “calibration” sailings where the crew made sure that everything was well put back in place. Despite the complicated weather conditions, the team members worked hard for a week, sometimes in the snow, on the SNG esplanade, to assemble this giant carbon puzzle according to a strict procedure. After the first runs, the TF35 was taken out of the water to make a series of adjustments to the geometry. It’s a precision machine,” explains Billy Besson, in charge of performance. Everything has to be rigorously adjusted to the millimeter. We check all the dimensions. By pulling on the machine during the first few sailings, a few elements finished falling into place.”

    After checking the final adjustments, the catamaran returned to the water for a week-long training session just before Easter.



    Each outing follows a well-determined protocol, with goals to achieve and specific points to work on. After the delicate maneuvers of leaving the harbor, the racers put on their helmets, equipped with a radio system. Franck Citeau, the team’s coach, gives a briefing from the motorboat before starting the training session, which carefully follows each outing. Notebook in hand, he lists the points to work on, noting the improvements observed during the previous outing, and the points on which it will be necessary to focus. Foiling gybe, foiling tack…each maneuver must be meticulously worked on, to seek perfection, in the most varied conditions possible.


    The coach’s eye

    “I’m here to bring my outside eye, and my expertise from decades of coaching notably in Olympic sailing, America’s Cup or with the France Sail GP team, details Franck Citeau. The Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier team is a professional team, so we work efficiently and it works well. There is a very good state of mind and a good atmosphere. Bertrand, who is the only amateur on board, works like a pro, which is very pleasant. Attentive to everything that happens, Franck films the maneuvers with the help of a small camera in order to have visual material to analyze the evolution of the performances during the sessions.


    Rear cell reinforcement

    Billy Besson, who had participated in two outings on Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier in 2021, has formally joined the team this year, to bring his experience as an elite sportsman. Four-time Nacra 17 world champion, multihull sport boat specialist and skipper of the French boat SailGP until 2021, Billy Besson is one of the best foiling specialists of the moment. As these are very complex boats, I’m here to bring a little more technicality and rigor to the settings,” he says. I want us to do very serious work, but without taking ourselves too seriously. You have to evolve in a good mind spirit, and I think the team, quite eclectic, that we have is perfectly in that state of mind. There are several different profiles and ages in the Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier team. We have everything we need to write great stories. Mathieu Vandame, also a member of the Sail GP team also joined the team this year on the mainsail cart.


    Analyzing to progress

    In order to have powerful tools to work on progress, Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier has acquired a data analysis manager this year. David Rey, who has been working in the field for six years, has put in place very powerful tools to be able to use the data that is recovered during each outing. “The computers record a lot of information, such as wind strength, speed, foil settings, etc. several times a second. My job is to use this data to optimize performance. It’s during the debriefings that I can provide elements that will allow the crew to improve.”


    Confrontation in May

    Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier is obviously not the only TF35 crew to have started its season, and the other seven competitors on the circuit have for the most part, or are about to, begin their training. Informal fleet training will take place between now and the first race, the Realstone Cup for Leman Hope, which will take place in Nyon from May 19 to 22. Until then, the evolution of the team’s training can be followed via social networks, Facebook and Instagram. See you in Nyon in mid-May for the first 2022 results of the TF35 Trophy.




    Crew 2022

    Owner and helmsman: Bertrand Demole (SUI)

    Mainsail and performance: Billy Besson (FRA)

    Mainsail car : Mathieu Vandame (FRA)

    Tactician : Erwan Israël (FRA)

    Headsail : Thierry Briend (FRA)

    Bowman : Alexis Rochat (SUI)

    Reserve team member and tender: Gautier Germain (FRA)

    Coach: Franck Citeau (FRA)

    Data analysis: David Rey (FRA)

    Preparer: Olivier Hecking (FRA)



    TF35 Trophy, 2022 program

    Realstone Cup for Léman Hope: May 19-22

    TF35 Mies: June 3 and 5

    Geneva-Rolle-Geneva: June 4

    Bol d’Or Mirabaud: June 11

    TF35 Malcesine Cup: September 8 to 11

    TF35 Cannes: October 6 to 9.

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