A company striving for excellence in the property field
Since its beginnings in 1825, Comptoir Immobilier has always operated in the property sector. Through our different departments, we offer a complete range of services and advice for property management and promotion, in particular, focusing on residential properties, offices, administrative centres, small business, industrial complexes and shopping centres. Our expertise also covers the rental and setting up of commercial or residential properties, as well as the valuation and sale of individual properties or property portfolios. An important part of our business includes developing and managing construction projects, business properties, and accounting, tax and legal advice. We provide our services to private property owners and investors and public and private institutions, as well as occupiers and tenants of managed properties.


Commitment – Attentiveness – Satisfaction
Our desire to serve our clients is at the heart of our commitment. We ensure that we are always available and attentive to their needs. We treat their requests with the utmost diligence and do all we can within our fields of expertise to ensure that they are completely satisfied.

Integrity – Loyalty – Fairness
We are convinced that fair and sustainable relationships based on mutual respect are built on integrity, loyalty and fairness. We always strive for impeccable ethical and legal behaviour and we take our personal and social responsibilities particularly seriously.

Expertise – Rigour – Energy
Through our expertise, experience and commitment, we are able to provide the highest-quality services with absolute rigour. We add value to everything we do by knowing our markets inside out and by building close relationships with our clients. Our energy and skills enable us to address our clients’ challenges and meet our own objectives with competitive and innovative solutions.

Responsibility – Innovation – Action
Both within our business and through the products and services that we offer, we must demonstrate a proactive attitude towards our social and environmental responsibilities at every possible opportunity. Beyond regulations and standards, we want to contribute towards the responsible development and prosperity of future generations. Only through anticipation and adaptation will we be able to ensure sustainability.


Our clients and current and future property owners, in looking for sound advice, can rely on our commitment to defend their interests, provide them with a high level of expertise and offer effective solutions which are adapted to their needs. Our multiple skillsets allow us to offer our clients a full range of services. With our in-depth subject knowledge and knowledge of local and international partners, as well as our active participation in numerous professional networks, we are able to create a positive environment for building constructive relationships. We also ensure that all parties’ rights and responsibilities are respected with goodwill and without discrimination.



Our suppliers’ value is built on their commitment to contribute to our quality chain. We expect our partners, who are mainly local, to use their skills to offer competitive, sustainable services, while respecting the relevant legal and social provisions. We honour all contractual obligations with them and develop our partnerships with a focus on continuous improvement. By working with our partners in this way, we are able to achieve success for both our clients and our business.


Our employees work in our company within a relationship of mutual respect. We draw on their expertise and social skills, and they are the main contributors towards our success. We reward their professional commitment by offering attractive working conditions and furthering their career development. We support the emergence and development of their talents through continual training and the sharing of knowledge. We aim to promote a sense of responsibility and the desire to fully satisfy our clients’ needs. Each and every employee contributes towards reinforcing adherence to the company’s core values through their example.



We encourage learning and the sharing of knowledge in all fields related to environmental protection as we are well aware of the challenges and what is at stake in this area. We encourage responsible behaviour and decision-making in order to coherently manage our environmental footprint. More specifically, we participate in discussions and the implementation of solutions which aim to limit the environmental impact of housing and construction. We offer cooperation in the renovation or execution of ambitious projects, particularly with regards to sustainable development and high energy performance.

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