CI Consulting

A full 360° service

All the real estate professions under one roof

CI Consulting is a department of the Comptoir Immobilier Group, created in 2006. It employs fourteen people with a wide range of backgrounds and training, enabling us to offer cutting-edge skills in managing real estate operations. We work on behalf of authorities, institutions and private developers.

Backed by Comptoir Immobilier, which has been active in Geneva since 1825 and in the Cantons of Vaud and Valais since 2000, CI Consulting has solid experience and knowledge of the property market in all the cantons of French-speaking Switzerland.

Active in all sectors (commercial, industrial, residential, administrative etc.) and with experience in managing major and complex operations, CI Consulting is results-oriented and operates as a partner with a single objective: customer satisfaction.

With high-performance tools for monitoring projects, CI Consulting has been ISO 9001 certified since 2014.

"Whether it's bringing projects to life, negotiating the best deals or guiding you, our experts can support you in all areas of real estate."
CI Consulting

Owner/developer assistance and representation

Our role

Because you have many interests and needs, CI Conseils can help you with your property development projects. We offer a complete range of services, from design to implementation.


Expert project management

Because development is a complex process, we provide assistance to project owners. From conception to completion, we offer you our technical, legal and financial expertise to make your project a reality.
  • Preliminary study of projects 
  • Financial assessments and planning 
  • Organisation of calls for tender (design-and-build and general contractors) and of competitions (urban planning, architecture, parallel study contracts) 
  • Definition of sustainable development and technical objectives 
  • Land procedures 
  • Relations with authorities and third parties 
  • Services for obtaining planning permission 
  • Services for obtaining building loans 
  • Negotiating and concluding contracts 
  • Inviting tenders and monitoring contractors 
  • Follow-up of calls for tenders 
  • Monitoring and acceptance of works 
  • Administrative follow-up and cost control 
  • Follow-up of financial closing 
  • Preparing the marketing and management of the new premises 
  • Acceptance of works and monitoring of warranties

Our team

Immerse yourself in the world of our property experts, a team of 14 people with a wide range of backgrounds and training. Their wide range of skills and in-depth expertise in managing real-estate operations guarantee you customised support for all your projects.

Yannos Ioannides

Member of the Executive Board, Manager CI Conseils Geneva

Alexandre Castillon

Member of the Executive Board, Manager CI Conseils Vaud & Valais

Arnaud Hubmann

Assistant Executive Board Member

Mariama Raulet

Assistant Executive Board Member

Jenna Von Arx

Project Manager

Jorge Balladares Rail

Project Manager

Loïck Nossent

Project Manager

Romain Currat

Project Manager

Thierry Wattez

Project Manager

Sébastien Saudan

Project Manager junior

Valentin Brem

Project Manager Junior

Maud Ponzetta

Executive Assistant

Laetitia Stettler

Assistant Project Manager

Céline Chouari

Assistant Project Manager