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Comptoir Immobilier

Whether it’s bringing projects to life, negotiating the best deals, optimising results or providing sound advice to meet a wide range of different needs, Comptoir Immobilier stands out for its commitment to offering a unique quality of advice. The Group, whose origins date back to 1825, is active in all areas of real estate: administrative and technical management, financial management, value enhancement, brokerage, general relations and representation.


Our key figures

199 years in business

11 agency

380 employees

CHF 16 billion

Real estate under management

CHF 3 billion

Projects under development

CHF 640 million

Annual potential rental income

Our areas of expertise

  • Property management in the unregulated, state-controlled and commonhold sectors 
  • Management of shopping centres 
  • Management and letting of commercial and residential properties 
  • Sales and valuations 
  • Project management 
  •  Assistance to project owners
  • Corporate real estate 
  • Company relocation 
  • Legal services 
  • Accounting and tax 
  • Litigation management 
  • Consulting & Representation
"Nothing great has ever been achieved without passion."
Comptoir Immobilier

Our values

At Comptoir Immobilier, we listen and act quickly to meet a wide range of needs, situations and opportunities. This quality of advice creates dynamic, long-term relationships that free the minds of our partners and customers.


The desire to serve our customers is at the heart of our commitment. We make sure that we are always available and attentive to their needs. We handle their requests with the utmost diligence, and ensure their complete satisfaction within the scope of our areas of expertise.


Because we are convinced that building fair and lasting relationships based on mutual respect is something that depends on integrity, loyalty and fairness, we are committed to adopting irreproachable ethical, moral and legal behaviour in all circumstances. By doing so, we demonstrate our human and social responsibility.


Thanks to our know-how, experience and commitment, we carry on our business with rigour, delivering services of the highest quality. By staying close to our markets and cultivating close relationships with our customers, we help to create added value. Our dynamism and skills inspire us to take up the challenges that arise for our customers, through competitive and innovative solutions, in order to achieve the objectives set.


Sustainable development

Our social and environmental responsibility must be exercised wherever possible, both within our company and through the products and services we offer. Beyond norms and standards, we want to contribute actively and responsibly  to preserving the ability of future generations to grow and prosper. Only by anticipating and adapting can we ensure our long-term future.

Our mission

A company committed to excellence in real estate 

Since its origins in 1825, Comptoir Immobilier has been active in the property sector. Through our various areas of activity, we offer a complete range of advice and services for the management and enhancement of real estate assets. These include the management of buildings, residential properties, offices, administrative centres, craft and industrial premises and shopping centres.


We also have expertise in developing and letting commercial and residential property, and in valuing and selling property and property portfolios. In addition, we have a significant business area dedicated to developing and managing construction projects, commercial property, and accounting, tax and legal advice. We provide our services to a clientele of private owners and investors, as well as private and public institutional investors, and to the users and tenants of the properties we manage.

Our team

Paul Epiney

President and delegated administrator

Quentin Epiney

Delegated administrator CI Group

Juan Munoz

Member of the Executive Board, Manager CI Gérance Group

Yannos Ioannides

Member of the Executive Board, Manager CI Conseils Geneva

Alexandre Castillon

Member of the Executive Board, Manager CI Conseils Vaud & Valais

Dalia Barradas

Accounting Manager, Assistant Executive Board Member

Delphine Bouvard

Head of Condominiums and Residential Geneva, Assistant Executive Board Member

Nicolas Comby

Director of Valais Agencies, Assistant Executive Board Member

Arnaud Hubmann

Assistant Executive Board Member

José Lopez

Assistant Executive Board Member

Madjid Massih

Head of Commercial and Residential Services, Assistant Executive Board Member

Mariama Raulet

Assistant Executive Board Member