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Property management

Comptoir Immobilier manages a large portfolio of residential, rental, commercial, condominium and cooperative properties on behalf of all types of owners. Thanks to our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, we can offer you a wide range of services to meet your expectations. We guarantee efficient, high-performance management of your residential or commercial property assets in our three areas of expertise.

#Rental management

Optimising your rentals

#Technical management

Protect your assets

#Financial management

Enhance the value of your assets

Personalised management of your rental properties

We guarantee the following services:

  • Comprehensive management thanks to our interdisciplinary skills in the legal, tenancy law, technical, rental and financial areas specific to property management.
  • Tailor-made management of your property enhancement projects.
  • Transparent, structured property management processes certified by our ISO 9001 quality system.
  • Optimised administrative follow-up thanks to the advice and support of our legal experts.

Are you looking for comprehensive property management?

Comptoir Immobilier can help you

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An undeniable local presence

The various branches of our property management department have strong local roots. We have gradually honed our expertise in order to adapt to the specific characteristics of Geneva, Vaud, Valais and Fribourg. Our “multi-cantonal” presence is an asset in terms of property management for your portfolios invested in several regions of Switzerland. This means you have a single point of contact who can offer you a made-to-measure service and is familiar with the specific features of each cantonal market.

A specialised, high-performance team

You can rely on our team of property specialists, who have a perfect command of the property management business and full knowledge of the properties under management. Our Portfolio Managers are your dedicated contacts, ready to listen to your needs and advise you on how best to optimise your property portfolio. Our high-performance tools are regularly updated, and ongoing training complements our managers’ expertise.

A complete property management service

The property management team works closely with the various departments and divisions of our company, including commercial and residential, brokerage and CI Consulting, to ensure efficient coordination and meet all your expectations.

Your secure, personalised platform

Comptoir Immobilier provides property owners with a dedicated web platform. Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, owners can access all the information they need about their property(ies), simply and confidentially. All administrative documents are accessible on this platform in real time, including meeting minutes, insurance policies, balances, rental statements, rent arrears, monthly statements, associated invoices and miscellaneous correspondence.


#1. All your information in real time

By logging in with a confidential username and password, you can navigate your personal space via a simplified menu and access information about your properties at any time. Your Comptoir Immobilier contact details are also easily accessible. A notification system will be set up to communicate with users in real time.

#2. New, evolving technologies

The My Immo platform is already being developed for Comptoir Immobilier’s co-ownership customers. In the interests of performance and service, our aim is to be in permanent contact with our customers who are owners, co-owners and eventually tenants, via the platform or by email, quickly and efficiently.

#3. Accessible on smartphones

With My Immo, Comptoir Immobilier has taken into account the ubiquitous use of smartphones in everyday life and developed a platform that is fully adapted for this use. The Group is getting even closer to its customers to make interactivity easier, faster and more efficient. As always, our managers are always ready to listen to their needs and offer the best value from their portfolios.

Frequently asked questions

This is one of the activities of a property management company, which is commissioned by customers who own buildings. The property manager is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, collecting rent and handling all the administrative procedures involved in renting a property.

Property management saves building owners time and money. It allows rents to be set in line with current benchmarks and handles relations with tenants.

A management mandate is a contract by which one person, called the mandator, gives the power to another person, called the mandatary, to manage all or part of their property assets.

Only a qualified property professional (estate agent, estate agency, etc.) is authorised to sign a mandate to manage your property.

As property management has been our core business since our origins in 1825, we can provide you with real expertise on your property assets thanks to our experience and know-how.

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