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Commercial property

Enhancing the value of commercial property with flexible, high-performance solutions: our team specialising in commercial property offers you a full range of skills, from consulting to business relocation, including all positioning and marketing strategies.

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Brokerage, consulting, commercial management: your success is our success.

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Assistance in several languages to help you set up in French-speaking Switzerland

Analysis and advice to improve property performance

Our company has made this one of its areas of specialisation and performance, because consultancy and the development of commercial property assets are two key factors in the success of your projects (buildings, offices, arcades, premises). 


Our highly qualified, multilingual teams will support you in your projects by putting your specific needs at the heart of their concerns. Our constantly updated skills guarantee pragmatic management of your property, strengthening our privileged partnership.


Together, we will define the best strategy for maximising the development of your business and your property assets. Drawing on our expertise, we offer you customised solutions that meet our primary concern: your complete satisfaction.

Valuation and enhancement of your commercial lettings

Whether it’s re-letting your property, ongoing rental management, careful tenant selection or negotiating the best terms for your lease, our teams do everything they can to ensure that your commercial property runs efficiently and effectively. Perfect knowledge of the market, a vast network and many years of experience make our teams your ideal partners.

As a leading company in the market, we offer you our local expertise in commercial property:

  • Access to our extensive sales network and in-depth legal knowledge
  • Support in setting up or relocating in French-speaking Switzerland
  • Establishment of optimal strategies based on your objectives
  • Prospecting and analysing the market to offer you a range of flexible and effective solutions
  • Assessing and adding value to your commercial property

Economic & market research

You own, are planning to acquire or want to optimise one or more properties (land, building, business centre etc.).

You need to know: the short- and medium-term economic outlook, market potential, competition, the immediate environment, footfall, the catchment area, purchasing power, permitted activities and property market prices.

You need a secure and reliable estimation method, a macro and micro view, a clear and relevant summary and precise and well-founded recommendations.

Comptoir Immobilier can carry out a complete and complex market study, tailor-made to your specific needs, making judicious use of all the information at its disposal thanks to its experience, in-depth knowledge of the field and use and mastery of the latest technological tools.


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Shopping centre management

Development, management and consultancy at the heart of our expertise

Whether it’s shopping centre management, consultancy or development, we offer you our expertise in these three key areas. Because shopping centre management is complex, our team of specialists will work with you in several languages at every stage of your project.

  • In-depth research: market analyses, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Optimal design of centres: organisation of space, allocation and optimisation of customer flow
  • Tailor-made management and promotion: with a wide range of communication tools

Targeting your commercial success

The challenges facing shopping centres

The role of a retail centre manager is to propose an optimal marketing strategy to the owner, ensuring that the centre has a good mix of retail outlets and that they are consistent with each other.

The management of events in the centres and that of the retailers’ associations complement each other to ensure the consistency and promotion of the premises as such. The aim today is not to “rent for rent’s sake”, but to assess the rent-to-turnover ratio that the tenant will have to bear.

Making the right strategic choices

Choosing the ideal retail mix depends in particular on the retail centre’s geographical location, its natural footfall, and the loyalty and spending habits of its customers.

To make the best decisions, it is essential to identify certain criteria. To do this, Comptoir Immobilier supports its principals by offering high-performance tools with a counting system in the centres to target customers for each of them. This makes it possible to understand who is coming, at what time, how much time is allowed and which circuit is being followed.

Reinventing ourselves 

There are almost 200 shopping centres in Switzerland, with the same mix of retailers. Today, the real challenge in the commercial property sector is to increase the value of buildings, as most of the infrastructure is ageing.

At the same time, the non-food sector is suffering from the rise of online retailing and shopping tourism. We need to reinvent the business and breathe new life into shopping centres. Product presentation and access must become essential.

Our sales team

Our many years of experience, our constant analysis of the market and our network are our strengths and the essential tools for the success of the mandates you entrust to us.

Madjid Massih

Head of Commercial and Residential Services, Assistant Executive Board Member

Madeleine Di Sivuilu

Commercial leasing - Metro Shopping Manager

Laure Vulliet

CI Commercial and Residential Management Assistant

Paul Vezin

Responsable mises en valeur et locations Vaud

Carole Zoller

Commercial Leasing Broker - Canton of Vaud