CI Sustainability

Energy renovation strategy & enhancing the value of our architectural heritage

High stakes

We are aware of the major issues and challenges involved in protecting the environment, and we encourage the acquisition and sharing of knowledge in all areas related to this issue. We encourage responsible behaviour and decisions that seek to consistently manage our environmental footprint. More specifically, we take part in the development and implementation of solutions aimed at limiting the impact of the construction industry on our ecosystem. We support renovation and the realisation of ambitious projects, particularly in terms of sustainable development and maximum energy efficiency.

Designing a sustainable future together

Conversions & renovations

The future of your buildings in our hands

Enhance the value of your property over time.

Our architects and technicians can help you identify the work that will add the most value to your property. They will advise you and work with you to develop tailor-made solutions to meet your aspirations and requirements.

Anticipate the ongoing maintenance of your building to ensure its long-term future.

  • We take care of all the relational, financial, technical and legal aspects of renovating your buildings.
  • We can monitor and adjust budgets for works and rents. We also renegotiate insurance, mortgages and maintenance contracts.
  • We coordinate the management of renovation work on your behalf, and negotiate building permits and practical and financial conditions with the authorities, suppliers and management services.
  • We check the quality/price ratio of the services provided by suppliers.
  • We fine-tune your renovation project according to its potential.

Team skills

Energy monitoring and management

Energy balance with digital integration

Expertise (Cantonal Building Energy Certificate Plus - CECB+, technical assessment)

Investment forecasting and planning

Energy renovation / vertical extension

Renovation of existing buildings

SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects) and AEAI (Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers) standards

Our local and international initiatives

The Comptoir Immobilier Group and its CI Sustainability division are actively involved in protecting flora and fauna, both locally and internationally (preservation of swifts and bees in Geneva, reforestation around the world).

During renovation, conversion or elevation work, birdhouses and beehives can be fitted to the buildings in the company’s portfolio.