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Our values

At Comptoir Immobilier, we listen and act quickly to meet the diversity of needs, situations, and opportunities. This quality of advice creates dynamic, long-term relationships that free the minds of our partners and customers.


Commitment, listening and satisfaction 

The desire to serve our customers is at the heart of our commitment. We make sure we are always available and attentive to their needs. We treat their requests with the utmost care, and ensure their complete satisfaction within the framework of our areas of expertise.

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Integrity, loyalty and equity 


Because we are committed to building fair, lasting and mutually respectful relationships based on integrity, loyalty and equity, we pledge to behave in an ethically, morally and legally irreproachable manner at all times. By doing so, we demonstrate our human and social responsibility.

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Expertise, precision and drive 

The tried and tested model of the housing co-operative is now coming into its own. It allows us to innovate in economic terms, while at the same time promoting sustainability.

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Sustainable development

Responsibility, innovation and action 

Our social and environmental responsibility must be exercised wherever possible, both within our company and through the products and services we offer. Beyond norms and standards, we want to contribute actively and responsibly to preserving the ability of future generations to grow and prosper

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Our major projects

The Comptoir Immobilier Group

Since its beginnings in 1825, we have been active in the property sector through our various divisions.

We offer a comprehensive range of advice and services for the management and enhancement of property assets. This includes the management of buildings, residential properties, offices, administrative centres, craft and industrial premises and shopping centres.

We also have expertise in developing and letting commercial and residential property, and in valuing and selling property and property portfolios. In addition, we also have a significant business area dedicated to developing and managing construction projects, commercial property, and accounting, tax and legal advice. We provide our services to a clientele of private owners and investors, as well as private and public institutional investors, and to the users and tenants of the properties we manage.

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