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    Development of activities in Switzerland and internationally

    Comptoir Immobilier
    February 16, 2016

    The COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER Real Estate Geneva is expanding its activities in Switzerland with H&B Real Estate AG and internationally with SAVILLS since 1er January 2016.

    By partnering with H&B Real Estate AG, a major local player for the German-speaking part of Switzerland, COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER Real Estate Geneva is reinforcing its presence and customer care throughout Switzerland. Internationally, COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER is joining the renowned network SAVILLS.

    At the national level:

    The partnership with H&B Real Estate AG allows COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER to extend its activities (valuation, sales, commercial and residential rentals, real estate asset management, management, project development) in the most important cities of Switzerland, mainly in the Plateau – from Geneva to St. Gallen, via Lausanne, Sion, Zurich, Basel and Bern. This collaboration allows both real estate companies to better serve national clients for all its operations throughout the country.


    In partnership with H&B Real Estate AG, COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER has joined the SAVILLS network for its commercial real estate services.

    The COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER strengthens its international network and offers the SAVILLS network and foreign companies coverage in Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland.


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