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    I can't sell my apartment/house


    You have put your property up for sale, but weeks, sometimes months go by without any offer to buy on the horizon, or even the slightest visit. Become aware of the mistakes that block the sale of your property to remedy them as soon as possible!


    If you are struggling to find a buyer, chances are your property is overpriced. The price is the trigger for viewing a property: it is imperative that it is in line with the market. A real estate agent will help you set the right price by taking into account many criteria: the living space, the number and size of the rooms, their layout, the state of maintenance, the outdoor spaces (garden, balcony, terrace), the location, the proximity to amenities, etc. The findings may show that the asking price is too high compared to comparable properties in the area. It will therefore be better to adjust the amount than to see the sale stall.

    Poor housing presentation

    Have you maximized the potential of your home? The more an apartment/house is empty, the better you will be able to project yourself in it, imagine your own decoration and take the right measure of the volumes. This is the number one rule recommended by all real estate professionals. It is possible to recourse to the principles of Home Staging, in order to make it more attractive to buyers. This includes decluttering and depersonalizing your interior. A lick of paint or small renovations can also drastically change the appearance of a place and spark a love affair.

    The cleanliness of the home is the second key criterion: a visitor who is bothered by bad smells or dirty corners will not want to continue. We can never repeat it enough: whether it is for a person or a home, it is the first impression that counts! Tidying up, ventilation, light are essential.

    Faults too obvious

    Each apartment/house has its own special features. A beautiful view, an ideal location, the presence of a swimming pool are undeniable assets. But what if the property for sale has drawbacks that you can’t do anything about? You should know that what is a defect for one buyer can be a quality for another. With their extensive client portfolio and knowledge of each person’s life plans, real estate agents will be able to match client profiles with the specific features of the property (“matching”). Thus, the absence of a garden represents an advantage for someone who does not like to mow the lawn, the lack of elevator allows to do sports daily and noise pollution goes hand in hand with the charm of a neighborhood full of life.

    An unattractive housing ad

    Are you sure that the photos in your ad capture the attention of internet users and convince them to come and visit your property? Light, framing, format, the shots must be of impeccable quality to illustrate the potential of your property. The text of the ad must also be carefully written. An incomplete description, too short or on the contrary too long, can be an obstacle to the contact and thus to the sale. To be effective, the presentation must highlight the strengths of the property and provide the essential information in a synthetic manner.

    Increase the visibility of your home…but don’t go overboard

    If your ad is visible on too many real estate websites and portals, you risk devaluing your property. This is because a home that is too exposed makes potential buyers wary and reduces your chances of selling. Different descriptions and prices between the different media make the situation even worse. The advertisement will appear dubious and will end up not being of interest to anyone. It is better to grant exclusivity to a single real estate professional, who will act consistently to boost the sale.

    In conclusion

    While the selling process may seem simple at first glance, it is actually a series of small details that make a marketing go well, or on the contrary turn into a nightmare. This includes the evaluation of the property, the creation of a file, the selection of Internet sites and press supports for publication, the organization of visits, etc. Many sellers think that they can do this themselves without difficulty. However, they often realise that they don’t have enough time and that the situation is beyond them. If you are in this case, do not hesitate to contact a reputed real estate agent, who will be able to guide you reliably.

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