Cour de Gare

A booming urban neighbourhood

Looking to the future, the city of Sion is currently undergoing a complete metamorphosis, with the major project of the new Cour de Gare district. This new urban hub will play a key role in linking the historic city to the new one that will develop to the south of the municipality.

This ambitious project, known as Cour de Gare, will completely redefine Sion’s landscape. It will include :

5,759 sqm of retail space
10,372 sqm of office space
302 residential apartments
1 hotel with 122 rooms
1 concert and conference hall with 600 seats
625 parking spaces

Located just a stone’s throw from the station, this multifunctional district will not only contribute to the city’s overall appeal, but also to the renewal of an area with strong development potential.

If you’re looking for a flat to rent, Cour de Gare offers 302 apartments ranging from studios to 4.5 rooms. These latest-generation flats offer modernity, comfort and convenience, and will be available from autumn onwards. What’s more, the district offers 625 parking spaces equipped with electric charging stations, providing environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

For all your apartments, retail and office rental requirements, visit the Cour de Gare website.

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