Les Hauts du château

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Located in the commune of Bellevue, Les Hauts du Château is home to 287 rental apartments, shops and a basement car park. The contemporary architecture of the development is inspired by the configuration of the site, which is formed by a promontory that slopes gently towards the lake. Materials such as white concrete and glass are favoured.

The buildings were built in compliance with the Minergie-P label and are heated using the GeniLac network (water pumped from the lake) with the addition of high-performance heat pumps. Les Hauts du Château offers a number of highly sought-after advantages:
quiet location, unobstructed views over the lake and optimal accessibility, as it is located at the entrance to Geneva, 5 minutes from the airport, in the immediate vicinity of the the motorway junction and the CEVA – Léman Express “Les Tuileries” station.


Maître d’ouvrage : ALLIANZ SA
Location : Bellevue
Date : Delivered in 2022
Prestations : Promoteurs – Entreprise totale
Architecte : Favre & Guth SA
Surface area : 26’000 sqm SBP housing+ 800 sqm SPB commercial activities

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