Les Rambossons

The project is located in a pending Plan Localisé de Quartier (building C) at the intersection of Avenue des Communes-Réunies and Chemin des Rambossons in Lancy. The Fondation pour la promotion du logement bon marché de l’habitat coopératif FPLC, which owns the land, has put it out to tender for the award of a DDP. The SCHS and L’Habrik have formed a partnership to respond to this call for applications.

They therefore founded a joint cooperative, Société Coopérative SCHS-L’HABRIK, Les Rambossons. The project, developed as a participative venture, calls for a building meeting THPE standards (equivalent to Minergie P) and containing two commercial arcades on the ground floor and around 80 2- to 6-room LUP-HLM apartments on the 8 upper floors. Some of the latter may be rented in conjunction with arcades or workshops.


Location : Lancy
Date : 2016 – 2022
Prestations : Négociation avec la coopérative partenaire, organisation du concours d’architecture, pilotage et représentation du maître d’ouvrage
Architecte : Jaccaud + Associés
Volume : 46’152 m3 (SIA 116)
Surface area : 9’102 sqm SBP
Photo credits: Olivier Di Giambattista

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