Les Rambossons

80 rental apartments from 2 to 6 rooms



Located in the commune of Lancy between the “Lancy-Piscine” and “Palettes” stops (tram line 14), less than 200m from the latter, the “Les Rambossons” building is operated by the SCHS-L’HABRIK, Les Rambossons cooperative society, to which future residents must subscribe by purchasing shares.

It comprises 80 LUP-HLM rental apartments with 2, 4, 5 and 6 rooms spread over 3 entrances.

The ground floor is occupied by a nursery, a bakery, two arcades currently being installed as well as a community room for the cooperative, laundry rooms, pushchair rooms and a workshop for bicycles.

The 1st basement includes large warehouses accessible from the car park, 46 parking spaces for cars and 18 for motorised two-wheelers, as well as other technical facilities.

The second basement offers cellars, some technical facilities and small storage areas.

The external facilities include a park with trees open to the public. Around a hundred bicycle spaces are also available in various kiosks located in the park and along the Communes-Réunies.