Ref: 38991

Apartment , For sale


Standing proudly in the northern districts of the commune of St-Blaise, this building is immediately impressive for its size. It has to be said that the condominium was built during the 1970s, which were relatively prolific in terms of both demographic and economic development, and during which a form of optimism reigned supreme. This impression of generosity is still perceptible once you enter the building, which leads to a large communal park, dotted here with beautiful vegetation and there with play equipment that will delight the youngest and perhaps also your childlike soul. A word of advice: get your table tennis rackets ready. Rest assured, however, that the abundance of outdoor space is one of the last reminders of the baby boom you'll find here today. Since then, the building has undergone exemplary maintenance and has remained contemporary in its technical equipment.

The apartment is a reflection of the above; its sole owners have carried out extensive work to make it a modern and highly pleasant place to live. The size of the living spaces, all bathed in light, the 5 bedrooms and the beautiful kitchen are undoubtedly contributing factors. Pack your suitcases and the little ones' toys, as these will certainly be your only concerns when you move into this apartment, which won't require any work whatsoever. We'd be remiss if we didn't draw your attention to the exceptional view of the lake and the Alps.

CHF 980'000
  • Rooms : 7 - Bedroom : 5
  • Surface : 170 m2