CI MAG No. 10 – Fall 2019

Magazines - 5 November 2020
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In CI MAG 10, we highlight the athletes, artists, and events we support. You will also find reports and interviews with individuals involved in the arts, including contemporary art, writing, and high watchmaking. We consider our real estate endeavors as both a sport and an art, and we take pride in presenting the progress of our major projects in Geneva, along the Lake Geneva region, in Valais, and in the mountains.

Major Projects:

  • Belle-Terre Neighborhood
  • Les-Hauts-Du-Château, Bellevue


  • A new secure platform dedicated to property owners:
  • Servimmob: building maintenance
  • Insurance for property owners


  • André L’Huilier portrayed by the eyes of his family
  • Metin Arditi
  • Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier, from dream to reality

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