Our mission

A company committed to excellence in the real estate sector
Since its origins in 1825, Comptoir Immobilier has been active in the real estate sector. Through our various business units, we offer a full range of advice and services for managing and enhancing property assets. These include the management of buildings, residential properties, offices, administrative centres, craft and industrial premises and shopping centres.

We also have expertise in developing and letting commercial and residential property, and in valuing and selling property and property portfolios. In addition, we have a large business area dedicated to developing and managing construction projects, commercial property, and accounting, tax and legal advice. We provide our services to a clientele of private owners and investors, as well as private and public institutional investors, and to the users and tenants of the properties we manage.

Our core values

At Comptoir Immobilier, we listen and act quickly to meet the diversity of needs, situations and opportunities. This quality of advice creates dynamic, long-term relationships that free the minds of our partners and customers.

Commitment - Listening - Satisfaction

Serving our customers is at the heart of our commitment. We make sure we are always available and attentive to their needs. We handle their requests with the utmost diligence, and ensure their complete satisfaction within the scope of our areas of expertise.

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Integrity - Loyalty - Fairness

Because we are convinced that building fair and lasting relationships based on mutual respect is founded on integrity, loyalty and fairness, we are committed to adopting irreproachable ethical, moral and legal behaviour in all circumstances. In this way, we assume our human and social responsibility, in particular.

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Know-how - Thoroughness - Drive

Thanks to our know-how, experience and commitment, we carry out our business with rigour, delivering services of the highest quality. By staying close to our markets and cultivating close relationships with our customers, we help to create added value. Our drive and skills inspire us to take up the challenges that arise for our customers, using competitive and innovative solutions to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves.

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Responsibility - Innovation - Action

Our social and environmental responsibility must be exercised wherever we can, both within our company and through the products and services we offer. Beyond norms and standards, we want to actively and responsibly contribute to preserving the ability of future generations to develop and prosper. Only by anticipating and adapting can we ensure our long-term future.

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Our clients

Our clients, property owners and future property owners, who are looking for sound advice, can count on our commitment to defending their interests and providing them with a high level of expertise and effective solutions tailored to their needs. Our many skills enable us to offer our customers a comprehensive range of services. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the local and international business fabric and players, and our active participation in numerous professional networks, we are able to create an environment that is conducive to the smooth running of contractual relations. We also ensure that the rights and obligations of each party are respected, with benevolence and without discrimination.


Our partners, suppliers and employees

The value of our suppliers is based on their full commitment to contributing to our quality chain. We expect our partners, who are mainly local, to use all their know-how to provide competitive and sustainable services, in compliance with the legal and social provisions applicable to them. We honour all our contractual obligations towards them, and develop our collaboration in a process of continuous improvement. In this way, together with our partners, we build the success of our customers and our businesses.

Our employees work for the company on the basis of mutual respect. They are the key players in our success. We rely on their know-how, as well as their interpersonal skills. We value their professional commitment by offering attractive working conditions and encouraging career development. We support the emergence and development of their talents, through ongoing training and the sharing and passing on of knowledge. We cultivate with them a sense of responsibility and the desire to fully satisfy our customers’ expectations. Each and every one of them contributes, by his or her example, to reinforcing adherence to the company’s fundamental values.


Our environment

Aware of the major issues and challenges involved in protecting the environment, we encourage the acquisition and sharing of knowledge in all areas related to this issue. We encourage responsible behaviour and decisions aimed at consistently managing our environmental footprint. More specifically, we take part in the development and implementation of solutions aimed at limiting the impact of the construction industry on our ecosystem. We support the renovation and construction of ambitious projects, particularly in terms of sustainable development and high energy performance.