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    Big Bang, explosion space

    Sierre (Valais)

    Sensitive to the field of Art and Culture and by the involvement of young people sharing this same infatuation, Comptoir Immobilier is delighted to have made available free of charge the premises (Avenue Général Guisan 25) in which big bang explosion space comes to life.


    Big Bang

    Big Bang, it’s the will to propose current artistic productions on the territory of Sierrois.

    Big Bang is a space for reflection and action on exhibition infrastructures and their relationship to the public.

    Big Bang, it is an association of young artists who seek to register professionally in the cultural field by questioning notions of context and transformation of territory and spaces (social, architectural, urban, environmental, etc.). Big Bang is therefore a project that needed a space, a place in order to be able to propose an exchange and practices on these issues.

    Big Bang is a new kind of space based on the duality between investing and reacting that is central to the programming. Each artist will be invited to propose an in situ intervention transforming the space. Together with big bang, they will go through all the stages of creation. From the bar to the toilets, everything will be potentially transformed to give birth to a new place that the public will be able to visit and experience.

    Other stakeholders or communities are also invited to respond to this new ephemeral space. Hanging, performances, discussions or participatory workshops thus take place inside the transformed places. These interventions aim not only to question, react, reveal but also to make the invested space live.


    Some images of the first explosion and its various interventions carried out in this opening month:

    • 06.06: BIG BANG, TOMBER LES MURS: inauguration of the space and opening of the first explosion
    • 13.06: TASTE: VERNISSAGE: presentation of the result of a workshop with students from Mandala School (Venthône)
    • 20.06: AGONOPTERIX: downfashion show by Ben Clot in collaboration with the sewing school of Sierre
    • 27.06: EAT, DRINK, &! : finissage of the exhibition, the terroir and the territory in the plate and in the glass

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