Retrospective on the first phase of the Belle-Terre development

News - 31 January 2024
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Belle-Terre: Cultivating the future

Dive into the heart of the first phase of development of the Belle-Terre neighborhood through a retrospective revealing crucial aspects of its urban planning, ecological commitment, and landscaping. In this video, key players in this visionary project share their expertise to shed light on this promising initiative.

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“At Belle-Terre, we have created a perfect harmony between nature and urbanity. From a distance, you will be captivated by the mineral appearance with light tones. Up close, it is the oak that embodies this harmony.”

The combination of sustainability, urban planning quality, and architectural excellence is at the core of every detail. BATIMA Suisse SA and the Comptoir Immobilier Group have joined forces under the entity BATIMA-C2I SA to bring this project to life.

Belle-Terre in a few figures

  • 571 apartments, a social and cultural diversity

Belle-Terre offers 571 apartments for rent, with a carefully designed variety of housing categories to promote social, cultural, and intergenerational diversity. Whether you are a young professional, a growing family, or a senior seeking a haven of peace, Belle-Terre provides options tailored to all lifestyles. It’s a true melting pot where diversity is celebrated, reflecting the inclusivity that characterizes this new neighborhood.

  • Over 10,200 sqm of business opportunities

Belle-Terre is not limited to being a place of residence but also extends to a wide range of business opportunities. With over 10,200 sqm of dedicated space for professional, commercial, and storage activities, Belle-Terre becomes a true hub of daily life. From modern offices to innovative shops and convenient storage spaces, the neighborhood provides a comprehensive ecosystem to meet the needs of its residents.


Belle-Terre offers more than just an address; it’s an opportunity to build the future together.

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Atelier Bonnet, Geneva. Belle-Terre, 05 10 2022


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