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The goal is your commercial successes

Our expertise also lies in management, consulting and development of shopping centers. Shopping centers are complex, and therefore our team of specialists is ready to support you though the entire project-cycle and speaking several languages depending on your needs.

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#In-depth studies

Take advantage of our analyses, market research and feasibility studies

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#An optimal design of your centres

We organise the space, the allocation and optimise customer flows

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#Tailored management and valuation

Through management and communication, we work towards the commercial success of your project.

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The ins and outs of shopping centres

Shopping centre management consists of presenting an optimal marketing strategy to the business owner by ensuring that the mix of shops in the centre has a logical structure. It is also crucial to understand the business model of the various stakeholders and build a long-term, viable relationship with them. The management of events in the centres and of traders’ associations are complementary to this by ensuring the uniformity and development of the centre. The goal today is not to rent the space for the sake of it but to evaluate the rent to turnover ratio that the tenant can afford.

Making the right strategic choices

It is vital to choose the ideal mix of shops based on the location of the shopping centre, its natural footfall, customer loyalty and their purchasing power. To make the best decisions, certain criteria have to be identified. Comptoir Immobilier supports its clients by offering powerful tools such as counting systems in centres to achieve customer targeting for each centre. This helps to understand who is coming, what time, how much time they spend and what route they take.

The art of re-inventing

Nearly 200 shopping centres exist in Switzerland and consist of an identical mix of brands. Their future is being questioned because the current dynamic is running out of steam. Today, the real stake of the commercial property sector is in the valuation of buildings because the infrastructure is mostly ageing.

At the same time, the non-food sector is suffering from the boom in online shopping and shopping tourism. A reinvention is therefore necessary and give new life to shopping centres. The trend in organic produce, hard discounts, click & collect and home delivery are all emerging. Facilitating access to these types of products and modes of shopping will become essential to survive this wave. Comptoir Immobilier is taking up this challenge by regularly following trends and developments in the sector in order to constantly innovate to keep its shopping centres as attractive as possible.

Your success is ours

“We are proud to offer you our infinite knowledge of the property business to serve your commercial projects.”

  • We perform market research and evaluate the feasibility of your project
  • We monitor the commercial market in detail for you
  • We analyse the frequency of visitors to your shopping centre.
  • We develop revitalisation methods.
  • We define the mix of shops and organize the space.
  • We enhance the positioning and marketing of your centre.
  • We manage administration, communication and security.

Shared risk-taking is necessary for your business to stand out and offer a novel concept.

Did you know?

Comptoir Immobilier manages three shopping centres in French-speaking Switzerland: Les Cygnes, Geneva and the Eaux-Vives shopping-center. As part of the major projects currently under development led by CI CONSEILS, a number of shopping centres are planned in Valais including the Cour de Gare project in Sion

World First

The world’s first virtual “Décathlon” opened on 1 December 2018 in Les Cygnes shopping centre. Based on an urban concept, the brand will only have 400 m2 at its disposal with an in-store seasonal selection of products, while the rest will be virtually available thanks to augmented reality technology. An experience not to be missed!

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