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Performance and Flexibility

Close to your company, our teams offer you their commercial, legal, administrative and technical expertise, so that you can achieve your goals.

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# The success of your company above all

Brokerage, consulting, commercial management - your success is ours

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#Sound advice

Benefit from our strategies based on your objectives

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#Full support

Assistance in several languages for your presence in French-speaking Switzerland

Analysis and advice based on performance

As advice and the enhancement of your properties are two critical components for the success of your projects, we have made it one of our areas of specialization and performance.  Multilingual and highly qualified, our teams support you through your projects by putting your specific needs at the heart of their concerns. Our constantly updated skillset guarantee a pragmatic approach to the management of your assets, strengthening our excellent partnerships.
Together, we define the optimal strategy to adopt in order to maximize the development of your assets. With our know-how, we offer you personalized solutions that meet our primary concern: your complete satisfaction .

Managing your commercial rentals

Whether it is the enhancement of your property, its continuous rental, the careful selection of your tenants, or the negotiation of a lease with the best possible terms, our teams will do everything possible to ensure that your commercial property operates effectively and efficiently. Perfect market knowledge, extensive networks and long-standing experience make our teams your ideal partner.

Local expertise in business property

Our team, specialised in business property, offers a full range of skills, from consulting services to corporate relocation. Our commercial, administrative and technical know-how provides your company flexible and efficient solutions. A permanent analysis of the market and an important network are among our core strengths and constitute essentials tools for the success of the contracts you entrust us with.

Our experts will help you achieve your commercial goals.

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Your business has a future

Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland are an incredible economic hub. We are fortunate to be leaders in this market and offer you our expertise in commercial property management:

  • We offer you access to our extensive commercial network and our in-depth legal knowledge.
  • We accompany you in setting up in or your move to, French-speaking Switzerland.
  • We establish optimal strategies based on your goals.
  • We explore and analyse the market to offer a full range of flexible and powerful solutions.
  • We appraise and add value to your commercial property.
  • Analysis and determination of lease conditions
  • Development of property
  • Customised rental
  • Lease negotiation
  • Rental management and administrative follow-up
  • Advice and estimates
  • Development of property
  • Customised rental
  • Rental management and administrative follow-up
  • Needs assessment
  • Cost management
  • Search for sites in which to set up
  • Benchmarking
  • Corporate relocation
  • Site analysis
  • Economic analysis of projects
  • Marketing studies
  • Technology surveillance
  • Property valuation
  • Expertise
  • Personalised advice and research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Enhancement
  • Sales
  • Financing search.
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