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    Real estate : Geneva apartment

    March 28, 2023

    An apartment in the city of Geneva offers the perfect balance between cosmopolitan living and scenic beauty. Here is some interesting information that can help you evaluate the Geneva real estate market before bidding on your future apartment of choice.

    An apartment in the city of Geneva

    In addition to the cultural aspect of the city and its countless professional opportunities, living in an apartment in the heart of Genevaallows you to benefit from an enchanting setting with comfort that is hard to match.

    You could indeed live here in a spacious, walk-through penthouse apartmenton the top floor of a building located in a chic neighborhood in the heart of downtown. The perfectly renovated apartment could have many rooms, including a generously sized living room. Ideally, each bedroom would have its own bathroom and the kitchen would be equipped with high-end appliances. The view from the terrace or balcony would provide views of Lake Geneva, the city and the park in the immediate vicinity.

    Of course, the price of an apartment of this type is quite high, but fortunately, there is more to real estate in Geneva than just this. Let’s analyze the local market together to better understand it.

    The price of an apartment for sale in the city of Geneva

    In Geneva, the average price per m² of an apartment for sale is CHF 15,583. Depending on the neighborhood, the building, the living area, the living room, the kitchen and many other criteria, this average generally varies between CHF 11’095 and CHF 22’689.


    If we try to distinguish the price of an apartment in the city of Geneva according to its number of rooms, here are the results:

    • Average price of a 2-room apartment for sale in Geneva: CHF 832,500
    • Average price of a 3-room apartment for sale in Geneva: CHF 1’197’500
    • Average price of a 4-room apartment for sale in Geneva: CHF 1’700’000
    • Average price of a 5-room apartment for sale in Geneva: CHF 1’995’000


    With this observation established, you should still know that 80% of the apartments for sale on the real estate market in the city of Geneva are between CHF 950’000 and CHF 4’650’000. Prices can therefore quickly climb as long as the apartment has the assets mentioned.

    The price of an apartment for rent in the city of Geneva

    Whether you want to realize a rental investmentor simply rent an apartment in Geneva, here are the average monthly rents in the city, regardless of neighborhood and depending on the number of rooms in the apartment:

    • 2 room apartment in Geneva: CHF 1’550
    • 3-room apartment in Geneva: CHF 2’130
    • 4-room apartment in Geneva: CHF 2’750
    • 5-room apartment in Geneva: CHF 3’450


    These rents are averages, and as with an apartment for sale, the price of a rental depends on many factors singular to the accommodation, including:

    • The neighborhood
    • The building’s standing
    • The floor of the apartment in the building
    • The atypicality of the apartment (walk-through, penthouse…)
    • The proximity to downtown, the heart of activities or a park
    • The view, ideally from a balcony or terrace, of the lake or city
    • The living areaof the apartment
    • larger or smaller living room
    • The kitchen (equipped, furnished…)

    Examples of apartments for sale in the city of Geneva

    Here are some examples of apartments for sale in Genevapresented on the Comptoir Immobilier website. Do not hesitate to contact us directly by email or by phone so that we can offer you our catalog in exclusivity.

    4-room apartment for sale in the Eaux-Vives district of Geneva

    Ideally located in the Eaux-Vives districtand close to the road to Malagnou, discover this very nice 4 room, 2 bedroom apartment. On the 3rd floor of a period building, its proximity to all amenities will allow you to fully enjoy the city of Geneva.

    Deeply renovated a few years ago, the apartment has a spacious living roomand an enclosed kitchen. The only real drawback to the apartment is that it doesn’t have a balcony or terrace with a view. But its proximity to the lake makes up for that deficit for most people.


    The price of this apartment for sale in the city of Geneva: CHF 1,490,000.

    4.5 room apartment in Florissant-Champel, Geneva

    In the heart of the quartier of Champel, this spacious and crossing 4.5 room apartment is located on the 4th floor of a beautiful building located near the road to Florissant.

    The apartment, renovated in 2013 and with a living area of 103 m², is composed as follows:

    • Entrance hall to living room
    • 2 bedrooms overlooking a park
    • A shower room
    • A balcony with a view


    The price of this apartment for sale in the city of Geneva: CHF 1’545’000.


    The real estate market in the city of Geneva is booming, and prices remain high. However, it is still possible to find apartments at good prices if you know how to identify the ones that are really worth it. Whatever your budget or the type of apartment you are looking for, contact Comptoir Immobilier to help you with your project.

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