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    Rent an arcade in Geneva

    December 10, 2022

    Geneva is a dynamic city that offers a very favorable environment in terms of commercial real estate. Whether you are looking for an arcade rental in Geneva for a small store or to set up your offices, there is bound to be a commercial space that will meet the needs of your project.

    The price of an arcade rental in Geneva

    As the largest French-speaking city in the Swiss confederation, it’s no surprise that Geneva enjoys a thriving commercial real estate market.


    The rent of an arcade in Genevadepends on several determining factors, including:

      • The neighborhood in which the commercial space is located
      • its proximity to downtown or the lake
      • its location relative to public transportation
    • The area of the arcade and the number of rooms
    • The standing of the building


    Depending on each of these details, rental prices for an arcade in Geneva can vary from CHF 500 to nearly CHF 20,000 per month. These prices can be even higher for a prestigious commercial space available in the heart of Geneva with plenty of space.

    A arcade in Geneva depending on your project

    A Geneva arcade for lease can offer you quite different areasdepending on the nature of your project.


    For example, if you are looking for an office in Geneva, you have the choice between a small 2-room apartment and an entire floor in a prestigious building. Ideally, these offices benefit from modern amenities and are located near public transportation, making them easily accessible to employees and clients.


    If you are looking for a Geneva arcade to create a retail business, there are more semi-open commercial spaces such as stores, kiosks, or boutiques, which offer between 40 and 100 square meters of floor space. Again, proximity to public transportation could make a difference, almost as much as a location in a vibrant environment.


    Finally, if you want to create a restaurant in Geneva, you’ll need to look for a larger arcade with a kitchen and seating area that correlates with your project.


    If you are unsure about your needs, it is entirely possible to refer the search for an arcade rental to Comptoir Immobilier.

    Some examples of arcades for rent in Geneva

    If you’re just starting your search, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the prices of arcades offered for rent from specific listings. So here are some examples you might find in the commercial real estate market in the city of Geneva.

    Cornavin-Pâquis district in Geneva: Arcade with an area of 89 sqm

    This arcade is located in the dynamic Pâquis district, on the right bank of the Rhône. It benefits from a very steady flow of traffic in front of its large storefront. In addition, this arcade is a 2-minute walk from public transport and all amenities.


    Rent for this arcade located in Geneva: CHF 2’173/month

    Cornavin-Pâquis district in Geneva: Arcade with a surface of 76 m²

    Located in the equally dynamic and booming Cornavin district, this 2-room arcade offers a wonderful showcase for its customers. Numerous public transportation lines serve the entire city from the location of this prestigious building.


    Rent details for this arcade located in Geneva: CHF 2,603 / month + CHF 152 in charges per month for building maintenance.

    Quartier des Eaux-Vives in Geneva: Arcade with a surface of 93 m²

    Arcade with a surface of about 93 m² on the first floor of a prestigious building and near the Eaux-Vives train station. The arcade, in addition to its commercial surface, includes an office and toilets.


    This arcade is not intended for an administrative or restaurant project.


    The monthly rent for this arcade located in Geneva: CHF 3,100 + CHF 240 in charges for the maintenance of the building.

    Cité-Rues Basses in Geneva: Arcade with an area of 369 m²

    Located on Place De Neuve, this arcade enjoys an extraordinary location near the Parc des Bastions. Its beautiful shop window is visible through a consistent service from public transport.


    The rent for this arcade located in Geneva is CHF 19,000/month.


    Leasing commercial space in Geneva requires an accurate analysis of your project needs. By consulting the offers available on our website, you can quickly get an idea of the type and surface area of premises available on the Geneva market.


    Whether you need an office, a store or a restaurant, Comptoir Immobilier is here to help you find the ideal arcade in Geneva. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be happy to assist you in your search.

    FAQ – Arcade Rental in Geneva

    Does the price of an arcade vary greatly depending on the neighborhood in Geneva?

    Yes, the price of an arcade can vary greatly depending on the area of the city Geneva you want to move to. Prices are higher in more affluent and vibrant areas, while they can be lower in less popular and under-frequented neighborhoods.

    Is it easy to find an arcade for rent in downtown Geneva?

    Not really, as the supply is quite limited and often exclusive. However, if you want to rent an arcade in the heart of downtown Geneva, Comptoir Immobilier can help you find a commercial space that suits your needs and your budget.

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