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    Guernerés Exclusive Lodge

    Interview with Joffray VALLAT, CEO and founder of the VALLAT Group

    VALLAT, who are you? What are the activities and geographical coverage of the VALLAT group?



    The VALLAT real estate adventure began nearly seventy years ago, in 1956, when my grandfather, a merchant agent and hotelier, was able to resell a property that he had negotiated well and then renovated. My father, who still chairs the Supervisory Board of the group, then took over and passed on to me his passion for real estate. In fact, it was at the age of 14 that I made my first transaction!

    A self-taught entrepreneur at heart, I have always loved challenges. In 1992, when I joined the group, we vertically developed all the real estate businesses: construction, promotion, renovation, interior design and fitting out, property administration and para-hotel and hotel management – for an occupancy of more than 3’500 beds every week in the ski resorts and seaside resorts in which we are present.

    A Haut-Savoyard group, our head office is based in Annecy and has 90 employees all year round, double that number in the winter period with seasonal staff. We have acquired a certain notoriety in several unavoidable alpine resorts (Courchevel, Méribel, Tignes, Val d’Isère, Megève) but also around the alpine lakes (Annecy, Aix-les-Bains) or even, further south, in the Principality of Monaco and the Bay of Saint Tropez. All these localities have the particularity of being places where life is good.



    What kind of experience do you offer?


    A real estate primarily focused on pleasure and leisure. I often draw a parallel between my residences and buying a third car or a fifth watch: the one you don’t use every day and which doesn’t always have a battery to start. With our solution, the property is operational at all times: the absolute pleasure of having a second home.


    We want to offer our customers a turnkey solution without constraints. We offer comfort from the moment of purchase (from financing to management) and with each use. Our credo: to simplify your life and allow you to live your holiday to the full from the very first second – cleaning, shopping, chef, housekeeper, booking of outings and sports equipment are available on request.

    This is particularly the case in the Antares residence in Méribel in which the Vallat group has brought together 100% of its skills. This residence corresponds to the group’s Palace brand. It is a true “Art de vivre” with an “ultimate” service for a condominium with high quality hotel services (concierge, lobby, bar, spa of 800 m2, swimming pool of 25 m, ski-room of 400 m2 on the slopes, a kids room, play room, workshops, shops). The surface areas of the apartments range from 100 m2 to 400 m2 and offer very nice volumes. The programme has met with great interest. The first cottage will be delivered on 15 December 2020. The pandemic has even prompted an increase in demand for second homes in unspoilt areas amidst nature.



    Guernerés Exclusive Lodge in Grimentz, which VALLAT is associated with, is a great first in Switzerland for your group, what attracted you to the location and the project?



    The Guernerés Exclusive Lodge project has all the essential criteria dear to our group. First of all, a number one location in the mountains, with a “ski in / ski out” location enjoying a panoramic view. This is a large-scale project declined in the form of chalets but also hotel apartments with volumes more consequent than a classic hotel room.

    Secondly, the village of Grimentz, although in reality, it is a double bet for us. On the one hand, it is a first achievement in Switzerland for the Vallat Group and on the other hand a lesser known resort and all the more preserved. This gives me even more motivation: Grimentz is a nugget! It has all the makings of a resort with great potential! Its authenticity, its ski area, its snow, its heliport and its lifts are all assets that should not be missed!



    What prompted you to collaborate with the Comptoir Immobilier group on this project? Could we talk about a synergy of skills?


    It is impossible for a French operator to develop this type of project in Switzerland without the support of a local and experienced player, particularly in terms of regulations and legislation. Finding a plot of land and then obtaining the authorisations represents a considerable amount of work. In the Résidences Guernerés project, I found a project that has already been completed with a permit in force thanks to Comptoir Immobilier. I believe that we have jointly contributed our skills.

    The Vallat Group connotes a great deal of expertise.

    The Vallat Group knows the mountains, the types of accommodation desired, the codes and practices of hotel residence customers. We made some slight modifications to the initial project thanks to our know-how. As for the Comptoir Immobilier group, it has done a great deal of work since taking over the project in 2017 with the continuation of the work and the completion of the 107 space car park in particular. It has also made it possible to deal upstream with all the legal issues associated with this type of residence. Each piece of the puzzle has found its place.

    The alchemy also worked with Paul Epiney and his son Quentin, both very complementary. It is indeed a story of men and family, such as the one I had with my own father. Our meeting was very evocative for me, we shared the same values. Life is made of human relationships and I am delighted to collaborate with them and their teams on this beautiful project.



    Explain to us why Guernerés Exclusive Lodge met the “art de vivre” requirements of your positioning…what types of properties are offered and in what form?



    The project enjoys a stunning view. Opening its curtains in the morning on such a landscape is a true “Art of Living”. The project overlooking the village nevertheless remains directly located on the ski slopes, a fundamental criterion. It benefits from an audacious architecture, in the middle of nature without any car on the surface, thanks to its underground parking. The rendering is 100% vegetal. The plans of the chalets and apartments have been carefully worked to be both very confidential and very open to the outside, in order to offer absolute comfort to our users.

    Several typologies are proposed: chalet apartments (1 to 5 bedrooms) and hotel apartments (1 to 3 bedrooms, from 60 to 120 m2 ). Current demand seems to favour apartments over hotel rooms, especially in this Covid-19 period when people like to be at home. These hotel apartments will have the particularity of having a lease and will allow investors to enjoy their property for a few weeks a year, then, to entrust it to the management company the rest of the time. All the decoration will be made to measure thanks to our teams of designers.



    What services will future buyers and users be able to claim by investing in this hotel residence?

    “Real estate but not only! ”


    The full range of hotel services will be available to users. This includes the routine maintenance of the property as well as the most unheard of service requests. We want owners and tenants to recognize themselves in our residences and that every second spent is only pleasure. If the client wishes, we will organize and plan all their trips, meals and outings (guides, yoga, sports coach for fitness). The Spa and the 20m outdoor swimming pool will be accessible to all users. Restaurants, shops, ski shop, electric minivan for drop off at the heliport or in the heart of the resort, heated room with bar at the bottom of the resort are just a few examples that will complete the tailored offer of Guernerés Exclusive Lodge.


    Article to be found in CI MAG #11


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