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    Managing Director – Interview with Philippe MOESCHINGER

    November 15, 2013

    Philippe MOESCHINGER, Managing Director of Comptoir Immobilier


    Philippe Moeschinger, can you summarize your background in a few words?

    With a degree in business studies, I started my career as a marketing assistant for Uccel Corporation in Texas before becoming a sales engineer at IBM Switzerland in Lausanne. From 1990 to 1996, I joined the construction industry as a profit center manager for Tectron Holding, a construction company located in Geneva. In 1994, I graduated from the Geneva Institute of Real Estate Studies and in 1996, I joined, as General Manager, the Foundation for Industrial Land, a public law organization whose mission is to facilitate the establishment and development of companies in Geneva’s industrial zones. In October 2011, I was appointed General Manager of the COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER.


    Why did you choose to join COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER?

    After 16 years devoted to land development, I wanted to take on new challenges. Discovering the functioning of a public authority through its different departments and fields of intervention was, in my eyes, an additional interest and enrichment. I therefore seized the opportunity offered to me by accepting the position of Managing Director of a major real estate company. By managing the FTI, I was well aware of the territorial issues that affect the real estate world and I collaborated with many partners, including real estate companies. Continuing my career in this sector was therefore a logical next step: I moved from managing industrial zones and coordinating partners to managing clients and real estate assets.

    Precisely, what are the main areas in which you are involved?

    Based on my commercial experience, I work to develop the company’s client portfolio, whether in asset management or in obtaining new management mandates. I manage activities related to commercial real estate, property development and brokerage. I am also involved in the development and expansion strategy of the COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER group.


    Can you tell us more about this development strategy?

    The COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER has carried out a strategy of expansion from the Lake Geneva area to the Valais region with, in particular, the opening of two agencies in Sion and Sierre, in order to strengthen its presence and services in these regions. The Group is now opening its horizons internationally as it has affiliated with two prestigious international networks: Who’s is who in Luxury Real Estate and Leading Real Estate Companies of the world. With the launch in March of a prestige division under the name CI EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES, the COMPTOIR REAL ESTATE intends to further invest in the luxury residential real estate segment.

    What assets does COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER have to pull through in an increasingly difficult market?

    In addition to its brokerage and management activities – which remains the historical core business – our company is also very active in the field of real estate development and is currently developing a large number of new programs in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and soon in Valais. The COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER is undoubtedly different from other real estate companies because of its Research and Development division, which has real know-how in the management of real estate and urban planning projects. This is what has enabled it to take part in large-scale projects such as the rehabilitation of the Cour de Gare district in Sion or the Praille-Acacias-Vernets area.

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