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    Condémines 20-30 in Sierre

    Exceptional potential for urban change

    The Condémines 20-30 perimeter in Sierre is a project for the construction of a future eco-neighborhood and a new ice hall, which should be completed within 5 years. CI Conseils is accompanying the city of Sierre in the urban planning and financing studies for the new ice hall. Condémines is the name of a district located south of the train station. The city owns three quarters of the land, i.e. about 11 of the 14 hectares. So the other part of the land involved is in the hands of private owners.



    To sketch out the contours of the future district, the Sierre City Council has launched a test planning. Stakeholders in the area will also be regularly invited to present and share their opinions and desires as part of a participatory process provided in this test planning. One of the main objectives is to perpetuate the “village in the city” spirit that so characterizes the city of Sierre. The test planning was completed at the end of 2019 and resulted in an overall vision.



    The city of Sierre decided to integrate the future ice hall into the Condemines project, after examining all the possible locations. Close to the city centre, the railway station and the motorway, and easily accessible, the future ice hall will be part of the priority projects of the future Condémines 20-30 district.

    The city of Sierre has decided to include the future ice hall in the Condémines project, after examining all the possibilities.

    In addition, the necessary capacity is currently estimated at 5,000 seats, i.e. 2’000 seated and 3’000 standing. A second ice surface is planned to meet the needs of schools, skating and curling.


    The 7 goals of the new Condemines neighborhood

    #1 Focus on quality of life and sustainable development.

    #2 Create a friendly, open, multi-faceted environment, focusing on social and ecological innovations.

    #3 Encourage the emergence of a “village in the “city” spirit, notably through outdoor amenities and the creation of soft mobility paths.

    #4 Create a new, high quality, eco-district type housing area.

    #5 Build a school to meet the development needs of the city.

    #6 Build a 5’000 seat indoor ice rink.

    #7 Exploit public-private partnership development opportunities in the project’s implementation phase.


    The 4 perimeters studied

    • Condémines – Metralerie – Old
    • Sierre
    • Marais d’Itagne Condémines-Est
    • Lamberson


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