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    Cour de Gare – Report Canal 9

    May 16, 2016

    Channel 9 summary – May 16, 2016 report

    À l’exemple du quartier Cour de gare, le visage de Sion se transforme

    Cour de gare intends to play the role of link between the city of the 20th century and that of the 21st century which is currently taking shape in Sion, with the arrival of the EPFL. The ambition of this project is first and foremost to upgrade this area, which is currently an open-air wasteland in the heart of the city, and to develop a very high energy performance district that will promote soft mobility.

    Cour de gare is at the end of the line. But it has taken almost 30 years to get to this point. More than 250 million francs: the amount of the investments gives the full measure of this vast complex, the foundation stone of which is planned for the beginning of 2017.

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