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    Les Communaux d’Ambilly – Development project

    Comptoir Immobilier
    November 15, 2013

    Les Communaux d’Ambilly, a huge project piloted by Comptoir Immobilier


    An exceptional location

    Located between the Seymaz and Foron streams, the site is bounded to the north by hospital facilities and the Belle-Idée forest, to the south and west by villa districts, to the east by the Grands-Prés and Mon-Idée sectors in the commune of Puplinge.

    Although located in the middle of a green area and quiet, it is 10 minutes from the future CEVA station of Chêne-Bourg which will be operational in 2017. The district will also be served from the arrival of the first residents by a new bus line to the centre of Geneva, with a frequency of 5 to 7 minutes.


    General Geneva context

    The pressure on housing demand in the Canton of Geneva is significant.
    This is increased by the scarcity of building land as well as by the general policy of control of the State of Geneva over the numerous building zones. As a result, the State Council wishes to continue its policy of developing large projects. This is confirmed in the new Cantonal Master Plan 2030 which was adopted in May 2013. In order to implement the regional housing policy, about ten major projects have been classified as priorities in Geneva. The Communaux d’Ambilly project has the particularity of being among the 3 most advanced in the Canton but the only one where the land is in the hands of private developers for almost all the achievements of the first stages.

    Who are the players in the project?

    The land of the entire perimeter, which represents nearly 38 hectares, is owned by C2I Comptoir d’Investissements Immobiliers SA and Batima (Suisse) SA for 52% of the surfaces, the State of Geneva (42%) and the Commune of Thônex (6%).

    As for the first phase of the project, it concerns a plot of land controlled entirely by C2I Comptoir d’Investissements Immobiliers SA and Batima (Suisse) SA. The entire project, whether it concerns the first stages of construction or all of the public spaces, is being managed by the COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER’s Studies & Developments division.

    What does the project involve?

    The first urban piece provides for the realization of approximately 650 housing units and 11,750 m2 of Gross Floor Area for activities. It is located at the heart of a perimeter of almost 38 hectares, which will eventually see the construction of 1800 additional dwellings, thus reaching approximately 2,400 dwellings. Today, the studies for the realization of this first urban piece have been launched. Several architectural firms will be called upon to work in collaboration and to participate in various workshops throughout the process in order to ensure a certain cohesion and a certain entity to the future district. In parallel to the launch of the first urban piece, mandatories will work on the project of public spaces of the entire perimeter, public spaces that will be delivered when the first inhabitants arrive.

    Key dates

    • October 2013: launch of the mandates and start of the studies with the selected architectural firms
    • Summer 2014: submission of building permits
    • Autumn 2015: start of construction
    • Late 2017: delivery of buildings

    Sustainable Development Charter

    Beyond the general concept of development of public spaces, the ambition of the Communaux d’Ambilly project is to rely on the recommendations of a sustainable development charter for its entire design and implementation. It includes the following objectives:

    • Zero waste trend
    • Sustainable transportation development
    • Optimized water management
    • Landscape, soil and biodiversity conservation
    • Promoting quality of life and social solidarity

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