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    The Guernerés Residences

    Eco-Lodge Concept


    This is the best possible location for the implementation of such a project, on the ski slopes and above the old village of Grimentz. The Guernerés Residences project will house 16 chalets comprising 48 hotel residences with the possibility of sale to foreigners for a total surface area of 3720m2, to which is added a 4-star hotel with 79 rooms whose design is resolutely modern due to its funicular shape. The luxury hotel will include a wellness spa, 65 double rooms, 9 family rooms and 5 suites as well as a restaurant with an outdoor terrace. The whole will be completed by an underground parking lot with 107 spaces and about 30 outdoor spaces.

    An eco-lodge concept

    The eco-lodge concept is based on respect for the environment through the use of renewable energy, recycled materials, energy lighting, local products, the use of organic products for the SPA and laundry as well as the use of local products for the catering service and limited water use. But above all, it is about rest and relaxation. The INALP hotel is an oasis in the mountains, where guests can rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. The luxury eco-lodge concept within the INALP Hotel will focus on the use of regional materials in the building design, the continuous presence of natural light as well as the harmonious and sunny location of the hotel. The trend of sustainable outdoor tourism, which combines luxury and nature, comfort and environmental awareness, will be concisely illustrated.

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