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    LINEA Project


    Located on the outskirts of the Chemin des Boverattes in the commune of Pully, the “LINEA” project is taking shape over the months. Comptoir Immobilier is associated with the project owner Vaudoise Vie Assurances. It continues to accompany the evolution of the project with, in particular, the monitoring of the construction work. Update on the progress of the district.

    It has now been more than a year since the construction work began in Pully. Major work to clean up the land has been undertaken in order to build the 6 rental buildings. These will comprise 123 MINERGIE-certified apartments. The structural work and the water and air tightness of the buildings were then carried out. In parallel, the work of gallerizing, installation of elevators and technical installations began in summer 2019 for the first structures.


    Among these buildings is a 250 m2 crèche that is eagerly awaited by the neighbourhood’s residents. The choices of the facilities of the reception structure are underway by the project owner and this, in collaboration with the Foundation for Children and Youth of the City of Pully.


    The planning of the realization of the ecopoint is underway with the technical services of the Commune so as to be coordinated with the road development project of the district. Indeed, this waste sorting center will benefit the entire Boverattes and surrounding neighborhoods.


    The site bouquet was held on October 29, 2019 in the presence of all stakeholders in the project. The concept of the outdoor facilities is to be finalized for the beginning of 2020.

    Leasing and open houses are planned for this spring, with delivery scheduled for fall 2020.


    For more information: LINEA Project

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