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    SCHS-L'HABRIK, Les Rambossons" Cooperative Society

    develops 80 homes in Lancy

    The Société Coopérative pour l’Habitat Social (SCHS) is a housing cooperative that already owns 35 homes in Confignon and Carouge. In partnership with the Coopérative l’Habrik, it is currently building 80 homes and 2 arcades in Lancy. The SCHS is developing approximately 30 housing units in the commune of Meyrin and more than 100 units in Thônex. The management of all these projects is carried out by CI Conseils.


    The Cooperative Society for Social Housing (SCHS)

    The SCHS was created in 2002 by Mr. Paul EPINEY, President and Managing Director of Comptoir Immobilier. He was convinced of the importance of developing cooperative housing as an alternative to rental or ownership. Indeed, the aim of cooperatives is to build housing intended solely for their members. Similarly, the residents of cooperative buildings are cooperators (or “shareholders”).

    This shared governance of the company allows everyone to be involved in the development of the project and in community life. Each cooperator can participate in decisions at the Annual General Meeting in which they have voting rights.

    The SCHS is therefore a community-based organization.

    The SCHS is therefore a non-profit structure and recognized as being of public utility. Its main objective is to meet the needs of the community. This is done by offering quality housing at moderate rents. It seeks sustainable social solutions for its co-operators, by renting the land on a long-term basis. The SCHS makes it a point of honour to provide solutions specific to the themes of sustainable development. The SCHS offers a tailor-made approach to accompany communities and make their land properties profitable.


    The cooperative located in Lancy is situated within the Rambossons district. It’s a new cooperative also oriented on the provision of premises for crafts and local shops. This association of two cooperatives, as a new legal entity was named “Cooperative Society SCHS-L’HABRIK, the Rambossons”. It responded to a call for applications from the Fondation pour la promotion du logement bon marché et de l’habitat coopératif (FPLC). The latter was looking for a co-op to lease and develop land it had acquired. “SCHS-l’Habrik Les Rambossons” was awarded this DDP.


    An architectural competition

    Once this step was taken, CI Conseils organized an architectural competition according to the SIA standard. The jury was composed of representatives of the cooperative SCHS-L’HABRIK, Les Rambossons, FPLC, neighborhood associations and construction professionals. Thus, this competition was won by the office “Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés”. In parallel to the calls for engineering mandates, CI Conseils opened the applications for membership in the cooperative. This was in order to integrate the future inhabitants in the development of the project. A session was organized every two months, in order to exchange on everyone’s expectations.

    In addition, CI Conseils negotiated the cancellation and modification of easements with the neighbors. The latter were also consulted for the establishment of the landscape concept. In particular, it provides for the development of a public park of approximately 1’500 m². Thus, coordinated with the commune of Lancy and the Canton, this landscaping concept aims to pool certain private and public facilities around the building. Finally, CI Conseils invited all the neighbours in the area to a “construction café” at the start of the work. They were able to learn about the project in detail and get answers to their questions, particularly regarding noisy special works.


    Towards a broad consensus

    All of these participatory and transparent approaches have helped build trust among neighbors. An overall agreement has emerged around a 9-storey above-ground project. The building will have 80 LUP-HLM apartments served by large, convertible landings on the upper floors, two commercial arcades, a bicycle repair shop on the ground floor, several warehouses, a 46-space underground car park, a convertible forecourt, a community room and three open-air laundry rooms. The building will also comply with Very High Energy Performance (VHEP) standards. It has thickened insulation, high-performance glazing, heat recovery from extracted air and a shared heat supply.

    The building will be built in the same way as the other buildings.


    The 4 pillars of the SCHS philosophy

    • Producing affordable housing without sacrificing the quality of housing, in a spirit of innovation that strengthens the ability to generate social ties;
    • Contribute through concrete actions to a better sustainability of our socio-economic model, developing projects that aim in particular the highest degree of preservation of our environment;
    • Adapt to the existing context and the actors present through a co-design approach to projects as well as to the binding cantonal and communal requirements;
    • Develop a tailored cooperative structure for each project, taking into account the above issues.
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