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    Apartment in Geneva

    Appartement à Genève
    November 3, 2022

    The city of Geneva is very popular with both renters and homeowners, as it combines both an exceptional quality of life and strong economic potential. If you are considering moving to Geneva, you will undoubtedly be interested in the apartments that are available on the market. Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

    The types of apartments available in Geneva

    Apartments in Geneva come in all sizes, from a simple furnished studio to a luxurious walk-up penthouse. Whatever your budget or needs, you should be able to find an apartment that suits you.

    The average price of an apartment in Geneva is CHF 15,550/m². The range being quite wide: from CHF 11’070/m² to CHF 22’600/m². These prices vary according to multiple criteria, including:

    • the number of rooms
    • the floor in the building
    • the proximity to downtown
    • the view (ideally of the lake)
    • the standing of the residence
    • the presence of a balcony or terrace
    • the equipment of the kitchen

    The neighborhood is also an important criterion in Genevaso we’ll walk you through some of them.

    Champel and its luxurious apartments near downtown Geneva

    Champel is known for being a luxury residential neighborhood in Geneva. Its many green spaces, proximity to the city center, and luxurious apartments make it a prime location for those who want to live in Geneva.

    The average price of an apartment in Champel is among the highest in Geneva, but the quality of life is quite correlated. In fact, an apartment in this neighborhood costs an average of CHF 16,500/m² and this is how nearly 80% of the apartments in the Champel neighborhood have a listed price between CHF 990,000 and CHF 4,400,000.

    The Cornavin train station neighborhood

    The Cornavin train station area, located near downtown Geneva and close to the lake, is one of the most sought-after areas for apartments. This is due to its many advantages: its central location, good public transport links and its proximity to all the amenities of downtown Geneva.

    Here is an example of an advertisement you might encounter near the Cornavin train station:

    Beautiful furnished and crossing 3 room apartment on the fourth floor of a luxury building near the Cornavin station. The apartment is composed as follows:

      • Fitted kitchen


    • Spacious living room renovated in 2019
    • 2 bedrooms
    • Lake view balcony
    • Currently rented for a monthly rent of CHF 2’140

    Price of this 3 room apartment : CHF 1’690’000

    Other neighborhoods in Geneva

    There are many other neighborhoods in which to live in an apartment in Geneva, each with its own special atmosphere.

    The Plainpalais neighborhood in Geneva is home to many studio students thanks to its proximity to the University of Geneva. An apartment here is generally negotiated between CHF 270,000 and CHF 2,270,000 depending on the number of rooms.

    The Eaux-Vives neighborhood is located on the left bank of Lake Geneva. It is a very pleasant neighborhood with many parks. The price of an apartment here is higher as the majority are valued between CHF 530,000 and CHF 5,870,000.

    Now that you know a little more about the apartments that are available in Geneva, we hope that you will be able to find the one that suits you best.

    Real estate near Geneva

    As we’ve seen, Geneva can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to housing. For this reason, many people who work in Geneva choose to live in a neighboring city.

    Carouge, in the canton of Geneva since 1816

    The commune of Carouge, located south of Geneva, has more than 22,500 inhabitants and is known for its charm and the terraces of these cafes. If you are looking for a place to live in a more affordable city than Geneva, but still want to be in close proximity to the city, we recommend looking at the real estate market in Carouge.

    Many apartments in Carouge are spacious, consisting of 4 or 5 rooms and having these approximate values:

    • 4-room, 3-bedroom apartment: between CHF 1’260’000 and CHF 1’790’000
    • 5-room, 4-bedroom apartment: between CHF 1’450’000 and CHF 2’450’000

    Lancy, the third largest city in the canton of Geneva

    Lancy is another city bordering Geneva comprising 2 very distinct territories : Petit-Lancy and Grand-Lancy.

    Lancy is a nice place to live if you are looking for more space than in Geneva. There are plenty of apartments and houses available, and you’ll likely find something in your price range. The city is also well connected, with many bus and streetcar lines. If you work in Geneva, you can easily get there.

    An example of an apartment for sale in the city of Lancy:

    Apartment on the 6th floor of a pleasant residence of standing and which benefits from a nice open view. The building is quiet and well maintained. The apartment, however, needs to be renovated to current tastes.

    The 4 room apartment is composed as follows:

    • Spacious entrance hall (15 m²)
    • Living room
    • Fitted kitchen
    • 2 bedrooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • Balcony with unobstructed view

    Price of the 4 room apartment: CHF 1’290’000

    Le Grand-Saconnex, on the right bank of the canton of Geneva

    Le Grand-Saconnex is still a commune bordering the north of the city of Geneva. If you work in international organizations or at the Geneva airport, this town would be ideal for you.

    Grand-Saconnex is a thriving commune in terms of housing, with many spacious apartments, including attics. You can thus find an apartment from CHF 9’590/m² to CHF 19’600/m², or even more depending on the standing.

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