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    Real estate in Geneva : apartment rental

    November 29, 2022

    Geneva’s real estate market is among the most interesting in Switzerland. Ads for rental housing are particularly coveted, whether in the city of Geneva or in its canton. So here is some useful information about real estate in Geneva for apartment rentals.

    Apartment rental in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland

    The canton of Geneva is located in southwestern Switzerland. It is bordered by France to the south and west and by Lake Geneva within it. The city of Geneva is the capital of its canton.

    Renting an apartment in the canton of Geneva can be a completely different experience depending on which commune you choose to base your home in, especially in terms of price. Still, here are some average prices of apartments in the entire canton of Geneva:

    • Studio: CHF 1’400/month
    • 2-room apartment: CHF 1,502/month
    • 3-room apartment: CHF 1’980/month
    • 4-room apartment: CHF 2’600/month
    • 5-room apartment: CHF 3’246/month

    Another interesting information, the median rent for an apartment in the canton of Geneva is CHF 2’215 per month. Almost 80% of the apartments are between CHF 1’200 and CHF 4’100. Finally, the median rent per m² and per year in the canton of Geneva is approximately CHF 405.

    Vernier, a commune bordering Geneva

    The commune of Vernier is located west of Geneva, on the right bank of the Rhone. Vernier is part of the canton of Genevaand has a population of about 35,000.

    Here is an example of a classic apartment for rent advertisement that you can find in the commune of Vernier:

    Furnished 2 room and one bedroom apartment in Vernier, between Place du Lignon and Chemin du Lignon. With a surface area of 43 m², this modern apartment has many assets:

    • 6th and top floor of the building
    • Basement parking
    • Fitted kitchen

    The price of this type of apartment in Vernier : CHF 1’400/month + CHF 120 of charges per month.

    Meyrin, the fourth largest city in the canton of Geneva

    Another interesting commune in the same canton and very close to Geneva is Meyrin. This commune has more than 26,000 inhabitants and is also located on the right bank of the Rhone.

    Here is an example of an apartment for rent advertisementthat you could find in Meyrin:

    Modern 4 room apartment on the 5th floor with a loggia of 6.5 m². The building is located near the Place des Cinq-Continents, right in the center of the neighborhood. The 74 sqm furnished apartment offers several advantages:

    • A bright living room
    • A fully equipped kitchen
    • The possibility of renting parking

    The price of this type of apartment:

    • Net rent: CHF 2,580 per month
    • Monthly charges: CHF 120
    • Optional parking: CHF 180 per month

    Apartment rental in Geneva, Switzerland

    If you’re in the search of an apartment for rent in Geneva, you’ll find that prices can vary considerably depending on the neighborhood and amenities you’re looking for.

    But as for his canton previously, here are first the average prices found to rent an apartment throughout Geneva:

    • Studio: CHF 1’440/month
    • 2-room apartment: CHF 1’550/month
    • 3-room apartment: CHF 2’142/month
    • 4-room apartment: CHF 2’810/month
    • 5-room apartment: CHF 3’600/month

    Again, it is interesting to note that the median rent for an apartment in Geneva is CHF 2,280 per month. Almost 80% of the apartments are between CHF 1’300 and CHF 4’300. In conclusion, the median rent per m² and per year in Geneva is approximately CHF 431.

    Les Eaux-Vives, a chic neighborhood in Geneva

    Les Eaux-Vives is one of the most chic and sought-after neighborhoods in Geneva. Located on the left bank of Lake Geneva, it offers a superb view of the city, the lake and the mountains.

    If you are looking for a apartment for rent in Eaux-Vives, be prepared to pay the price that matches its quality of life. Here is an example of an apartment for rent in this area of Geneva.

    Modern 4-room apartment on the 4th floor of the building, with a surface area of 74 m². The residence is located in the heart of the neighborhood, between the lake and the Eaux-Vives square. Here are the main advantages of this apartment:

    • 4th and top floor of the building
    • Highly optimized apartment space
    • Parking at the foot of the residence
    • View of Lake Geneva
    • Possibility to rent the apartment furnished
    • Fully equipped modern kitchen

    The price of an apartment of this type in Eaux-Vives, in Geneva: CHF 2,470/month including CHF 240 of charges per month.

    The other neighborhoods in Geneva

    Geneva has 19 neighborhoods, each with its own specificities. If you are looking for an apartment to rent in Geneva, it is important to take the time to choose the one that best suits your needs and expectations.

    We can advise you to start consulting the listings in the Eaux-Vives district, which we have just mentioned, but also in the Acaciasand the Pâquisneighborhood.

    Whatever the case, Geneva is full of apartments for rent that are just waiting for you, so don’t hesitate to take advice from Comptoir Immobilier to help you in this search.

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