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    Operation CI Neighbours

    A responsible and participatory approach

    Press Release

    April 20, 2020


    Operation CI Voisins du Comptoir Immobilier: a responsible participatory approach


    Responsible approach

    In this period of pandemic Covid-19 heavily and durably impacting our daily lives, the CI Voisins approach aims to strengthen health protection. It is aimed at the inhabitants of buildings managed by the Comptoir Immobilier Group. It is aimed at high-density urban areas in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Valais.

    At present, this operation is in place in more than 550 entrance halls managed by the company and will continue to be deployed throughout the month of May.

    The CI Voisins approach consists of making several tools available to building residents to preserve their health.


    First, the approach consists of a display kit in the building entrances:

    • A information and solidarity package between neighbors containing an explanatory note with a reminder of the FOPH recommendations. Thus, it is intended in particular for assistance to people at risk.
    • From the neighbor directory that residents can complete at will in order to easily join or stay in touch.
    • From the neighbor panel that allows neighbors to offer their services or mention a particular need. It is intended particularly for the elderly or vulnerable.


    Operation CI Neighbours


    Then, a disinfection kit is installed in the building entrances in direct proximity to the signs. It consists of a dispenser of hydro-alcoholic gel. It helps limit the spread of the virus in common areas. In the same way, it guarantees the preservation of the health of the inhabitants. Of course, this dispenser will be replenished regularly by the building caretakers.


    Operation CI Neighbors 2


    Participatory approach

    In a concern of benevolence, Comptoir Immobilier proposes this approach to please all its clients owners and co-owners. Thus, they will have the opportunity to pay the actual cost of these installations in full transparency, in the form of a flat rate per building entrance. Owners have overwhelmingly welcomed the move.


    As regards the buildings whose owners have not yet decided to bear the induced cost, the Groupe Comptoir Immobilier has decided to take charge of the installation. This is both from the point of view of protecting the health of its clients, and as a citizen’s approach.


    #at your service

    The Comptoir Immobilier, assisted by its sister companies, Servimmob SA and CI Facility Management, is coordinating this process. It is also coordinating the implementation of these services in all its managed assets in urban areas.

    If this CI Voisins approach is desired by the owners and co-owners of buildings not located in urban areas, the Groupe Comptoir Immobilier teams will be happy to’install the display kit and the disinfection kit as soon as possible.



    With strong roots in Geneva, Comptoir Immobilier is present in the Canton of Vaud with its agencies in Lausanne, Nyon and Montreux. It is also present in Valais in Sion, Sierre, Grimentz and Monthey. The passion for the business accompanies the professionalism, reliability and competence of the Group’s 335 specialists and employees.




    Contacts Real Estate Comptoir

    Cours de Rive 7 – CP 3753 – 1211 Geneva 3

    Fabienne Duc-Goninaz – PR, Publications and Sponsorship Manager

    Telephone: +41 (0)22 319 88 96


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