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    6 tips for selling your property

    Have the kids left the family cocoon? Do you need a change of scenery? Whatever the reason, when the decision to sell your house or apartment is made, it is important that the transaction is done as soon as possible. Follow these recommendations to avoid wasting your time and energy! Here are our 6 tips for selling your property:

    #1 Don’t dream, set a realistic price

    The accuracy of the estimate of the property for sale is paramount: the price must be in line with the reality of the market. An overpriced object risks not being financed by the banks and remaining on hold for many months. You can certainly estimate your property through online calculators. But there is no substitute for a professional appraisal carried out on site, free of charge and without obligation. A certified real estate agent will estimate the value of the property as accurately as possible, based on his knowledge of the market. He will be able to take into account various parameters, such as the value of the land according to its location, the construction costs in m3 according to the year of completion and finishes, the state of maintenance, etc.

    #2 Add value to your property

    It’s not necessarily wise to put your home in perfect condition before selling it. Small repairs are sometimes useful, for example if there are tiles missing from the roof…But as a general rule, it is better to let the buyer make their own choices (paint, heating system, type of kitchen, etc.). As a seller, you are required to report any hidden defects in your house or apartment. A professional will be able to advise you on any renovation work that needs to be done and how this will affect the selling price. Nowadays, real estate agencies often resort to 3D home staging: based on current photos, the interior of the home is virtually furnished and brought up to date, allowing buyers to project themselves into a living space.

    #3 A well-crafted dossier

    The presentation of your apartment or villa is essential. A sales file must contain a description of the property, its surroundings and infrastructure; the data (m2 habitable, balcony, terrace, etc.) and the co-ownership charges for a PPE must be mentioned, distinguishing between what comes under the renovation fund versus the heating costs. Quality photos and plans should also be included. If you go through a professional broker, he will help you in the constitution of these elements and will enhance the assets of your property.

    #4 Increased visibility

    You have the option of listing your home for sale on various real estate portals. However, it is often better to identify potential customer segments precisely, rather than targeting too broad an audience. Through his database, the broker takes care of “matching” the object in question with the wishes (location, size, number of rooms, qualities of the property, etc.) of potential buyers. The latter automatically receive the sales files that concern them. At the same time, the real estate agent places advertisements on the Internet and in the local press. It is also he who organizes the visits, preferably without the seller to leave the buyers freer to express themselves.

    #5 Great financial returns…and some expenses

    Whoever sells a house, apartment or building must pay real estate gains tax. This tax is calculated on the profit made (capital gain) is degressive according to the number of years the property has been held; it is cancelled after 25 years of ownership. If you go through an estate agent and he finds a buyer, you must pay him a brokerage commission amounting to approximately 3% (+VAT) of the sale price. Finally, in some cases, there is a penalty fee for cancelling your mortgage. All transactions are done directly through the notary.


    #6 Getting support

    The broker doesn’t just put up an ad and negotiate the property. By using an agency, you will be assisted throughout the process, from the acceptance of the initial offer to the signing of the deed of sale at the notary. Don’t worry about the administrative and legal aspects which can be complex and stressful!


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